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This is your SHIFTING season Blitz

This is your SHIFTING season banner

This is your SHIFTING season

Christian, Spiritual Growth, Religious, Inspirational

Date Published: May 2, 2020

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Have you ever found yourself in a tough life situation and couldn’t find a
way to get out of it?

Have you ever wondered what your true capabilities are and how to reveal
your full potential?

Or maybe, you are seeking a tool that would boost up your motivation and
teach you valuable life lessons?



I think this book will definitely make a shift in your life, so keep



“THIS IS YOUR SHIFTING SEASON” – a book that is going to
change your perception about your true inner power,  teach you valuable
life lessons and show what is possible with dedication and the right



We all had good and bad times in our life, we all made mistakes, and we all
have regrets.
And it doesn’t matter what those times, mistakes or regrets
are. If you are still living on this planet, you have the right to get
better and move forward, just like I did…

Being lost for about 22 years, I finally found my life path, discovered
strategies, and rules that led me out of the very bottom of my life.
spent in and out jails, drug and alcohol addictions are now my past. I even
managed to get them out of my brain. After so many years of darkness, I
decided to dedicate my life to help others to find their own life


Here is just a short brief of what you are going to learn:


How to find your purpose in life?

RULES OF MANUAL TRANSMISSION – learn how to accelerate your

Find your real destination. What is truly important?

The best way to start your SHIFTING SEASON

What is your real potential – a self-identification guide

Much much more…



And it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not, you are 20 years
old or 60 years old, male or female, the strategies and rule inside this
book will help you as much as it helped others.

Now it is your turn to make a decision, to take the first step, and turn on
your unlimited life engine.


About the Author

Michael Mickey Williams Jr. an Atlantic City New Jersey native was once
homeless, eating food out of trash cans, suicidal, addicted to heroin, and
crack cocaine. He spent 22 years of his life in-and-out of jails and
rehabilitation centers since he was a teenager. Nowadays, however, he’s
married, a substance abuse counselor, a minister, and a ten-time published
author with titles like “Pushed out the Crack House into God’s house,
My Purpose is Greater than my struggles, and I’m a Giant Killer to name a
few, he’s also one of the Co-founders of The Minor Adjustments Program which
is dedicated to preventing and reducing crimes, their primary purpose is to
teach men and women how to make the “Minor Adjustments” that are
necessary for their lives, Their motto is “Anywhere but backward”
Mr. Williams is a dedicated advocate for those who are struggling with
addictions or criminal lifestyles, mainly because he struggled with those
same barriers.

Beyond the Minor Adjustments Program, It is said that he was named
“Preacher Boy” by his beautiful wife Lernell Apple Williams, his
style of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it easy for him to
communicate to both the common people and the religious, his stated that he
tries to use everyday language already familiar to his culture, with a
purpose to always try to touch individual personal needs at the same time
communicate spiritual truth.

As a father of seven, with four grandkids he credits his parents as the
source of his perseverance and sense of self-reliance. After 22 years of
being in bondage to addiction, Mr. Williams continues to be one of today’s
most inspirational, encouraging, and influential men today.

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End Average Tour

End Average banner

End Average cover
Christian, Personal growth
Date Published: March 3, 2020
Publisher: Lucid Books
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Everything we do either gets us closer to or further away from becoming the husbands our wives deserve, the fathers our kids need, and, ultimately, the men God intends us to be. ‘End Average’ is a reality check for men identifying as Christians. Ryan Hansen dives into what it takes to achieve permanent heart change that leads to balanced and consistent growth in faith, relationships, health, and finances. Through examples from his own hard-learned lessons and from wisdom found in the Bible, you’ll see what faith in action looks like between Sunday sermons. ‘End Average’ will challenge you to start living with intentionality and purpose as you seek to glorify God in everything you do.
End Average standing book



This book is for the guy who is sick of being average.

What are you doing with your life right now?

Will it matter in five years?

As I started my journey to become the man God intended me to be, my answer to that last question was a resounding no. I was average. Perhaps below average. I was a mediocre husband. We were living paycheck to paycheck, and my closest friends hardly realized I thought of myself as a Christian. Deep down, I knew there was more to life. I knew there had to be more. The hard part of being average and trying to become more is that average is comfortable. It’s what culture drives us to be, but as Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”1 The average man is complacent and lethargic. It ruffles feathers to speak your mind and stand by your worldview, so it’s easier to do and say nothing. Men, not only can we be better than that, but we need to be better than that!

Gentlemen, as believers in Christ, we are called to glorify God in all we do. We are supposed to reach unbelievers with the gospel. We’re called to sharpen each other through community. The next generations need us to lead by example.

Being average simply wasn’t good enough for me. This book is about learning what it means to end average in our lives. It’s also about learning how to stay on course once you’ve figured out what biblical “right” looks like.

My journey has been made up of countless hours of studying the Bible, learning from academic studies, and being mentored. As I learned new concepts, I experimented with new habits and mentalities, testing the things I was learning in order to see whether they worked in the real world. Some things worked, and some did not. As I sifted through information and ideas, I realized that it would be impossible to cut through all the expert advice we’re overwhelmed with either online or in bookstores. Spirituality, relationship management, fitness, money management—there are thousands of directions the gurus want to take you. I had to go back to the source. I decided that the Bible is where I needed to start.

When Secret Service agents are trained to detect false currency, the first thing they do is learn and study real currency. They learn the feel, the look, the smell, and the nuances. Only upon mastery of the real bills do they move on to learn about various ways false currency is printed and how to spot it.

In the same way, learning the truth directly from the Bible made it easier to see through all the noise and misinformation. A clear pattern of biblical habits and mentalities started to become clear. It boiled down to this: I learned that a real personal faith in Jesus Christ is the single most important thing in our lives. The Bible tells us exactly how to get that faith and how to grow it.

I also learned that there are clear guidelines about how to glorify God—how to glorify Him in the way we choose our crowd and influences, use our money, and take care of our bodies. These are very practical lessons that help us see that we get to glorify God in everything we do.

As you’ll discover, attempting to control and change behavior for the wrong reasons is more useless than a cup of decaf. It simply doesn’t matter, and you’ll chase your tail until you’re ragged, and then you will give up. Ask me how I know. Heart change is what we’re after. Change your heart to seek what is holy, and the thought patterns and behaviors will follow.

Gentlemen, this book is about flexing our faith between Sunday sermons. Practical living as a Christian man is not that complicated, but it does require intentionality and vulnerability.

In this book, you’ll find the real-world habits that keep me growing in my walk with God, my relationships, my physical health, and my finances. They are all very much intertwined. You’ll also find out that there is no life-hack, sermon, course, or seminar that will turn your life around with one simple trick. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this book isn’t for you. I can teach you the life lessons I learned the hard way so your learning curve won’t be as steep as mine was at the beginning.

Understand this, though. I do not claim to be perfect. I’m far from it, but I feel compelled to write this book because I see the potential that is completely dormant in a huge percentage of Christian men today. Hopefully, I can combine the experiences I had growing up abroad as a missionary kid with the lessons learned as a special operations operator in the Army and deliver these concepts in a new way that will make sense to you. I hope to give you real, practical, and actionable advice that you can implement today.

I served in my Army unit in psychological operations for several years over the course of multiple deployments with men I consider brothers. One Saturday, those men invited me to go bowling with them the next day. I declined and said, “Sorry guys, I’m going to church tomorrow morning.” With a confused look, one of my buddies looked at me and said, “Dude, you’re a Christian?” It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was ashamed. I have identified as a Christian since I was a child, but my behavior, language, interests, and attitudes told a whole different story.

That was the moment I realized I needed to correct my course and begin to end average in my life. Mediocrity and complacency had to go. I started that day, and I’ve never looked back.

Join me as I tell you what I’ve discovered since that moment.

Let’s do this.

End Average phone
About the Author

Ryan Hansen is a coffee-loving author and speaker with a calling to help those around him find Jesus. He is married to his lovely wife, Jenna, and together they are raising their four children in California. After growing up as a missionary kid in Italy and Germany, Ryan joined the U.S. Army and spent eight years as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division and as a psychological operations staff sergeant. After leaving the Army, he earned an MBA while pursuing a sales career in the medical industry. Aside from daydreaming about being able to one day play the guitar well, Ryan spends his time playing with his kids, improving his beer-brewing abilities, and (unsuccessfully) talking his wife out of more Disneyland trips.
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Hundredth Tour

Hundredth cover


 Christian, Children’s
 Date Published: March 3, 2020
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
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Inspired by Jesus’s parable of the lost sheep, ‘Hundredth’ is the second book in the ‘Pillow Stories from Heaven’ series, sharing an imaginative retelling from the lost sheep’s perspective. At bedtime with family or in a group, both children and parents will delight in listening to the unusual adventures of Hundredth as he goes from one personal transformation to the next. In the end, ‘Hundredth’ will lead the audience into deeper reflection and create opportunity for conversation.
Hundredth hardback


About the Author


Tom Aish grew up behind the Iron Curtain where he first met the risen Messiah. He studied studio art (MFA, Academy of Fine Arts) and later intercultural and film studies (MAICS, Fuller Theological Seminary). His many hobbies include photography, film, travel, nature and especially the mountains. He and his wife, Aly, currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he writes children stories in short story format.
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Struggle Bus Tour

Struggle Bus banner

Struggle Bus cover

Parenting, Christian, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Lucid Books
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‘The Struggle Bus: The Van. The Myth. The Legend.’ is designed to take you, dear reader, on a ride with the Wood family in the van that became an Internet sensation.
This one-of-a-kind literary adventure you are about to embark on is about more than a viral van. It’s about managing the wonderful chaos of a family of 11. It’s about parenting. It’s about marriage. It’s about success. It’s about failure. It’s about faith. It’s about fun. It’s about a van becoming a metaphor for life as it is given a fun-filled beatdown for the ages. As you roll along with the Wood family, you just might feel driven to:
•  connect a little more with the God who made you.
•  give yourself a little more grace when you fail.
•  smile and laugh a little more—both at the Wood family’s expense and your own.
Hop in, buckle up, hold your nose, laugh, and join the Wood family to explore one of life’s fundamental truths: the struggle is real.
Struggle Bus tablet


I glanced down at the gas gauge. Dang it! The little orange arrow was pointing directly at the letter E. I stopped at the next gas station. I pulled up to the gas pump, unscrewed the gas cap, and panicked. Had I bought a diesel van or a regular van? I had specified “regular” rather than “diesel” in my Craigslist search, but I had also specified “12-passenger” not “15-passenger.” I hadn’t thought to ask the seller to clarify before I drove off. The gas cap was no help. The owner’s manual was no help. I had no idea what would happen if you put regular gas in a diesel engine, but I figured it probably wouldn’t be good. I didn’t deserve to be a van owner. I spent 20 minutes (not an exaggeration) searching through all the van documentation trying to decide what to do. Should I call the previous owner? Should I call Ford’s customer service number? Should I flip a coin and take a chance? Ultimately, I decided there was no option that allowed me to drive away with my dignity. So I called the previous owner. Straight to voicemail. Ugh! After 10 minutes or so on Google, I was 82 percent sure that the van took regular gasoline. I took my chances. I filled the thing all the way up with regular gas, prayed a little, and drove off. When I saw no smoke after 10 miles or so, I figured everything was going to work out just fine. 

As you will soon see, everything did not work out just fine, but it worked out fun. It’s been quite the ride.

About the Author

Josh Wood is a native of Amarillo, Texas. He and his wife, Careese, are graduates of Texas A&M University (Gig ’em). Josh went on to obtain his MBA from Baylor University (Sic ’em). Newly wedded Josh and Careese made a number of definitive statements regarding their future, including the following classics: “We’ll never move back to Amarillo.” “We’ll have three or four kids. Those kids will never throw fits in Walmart.” “We’ll never home school our children.” “Home churches are weird.”
They live in Amarillo. They have nine kids. They home school. They are part of a home church. They’ve wiped numerous tears off the Walmart floor. Their hobbies include raising children and trying to avoid definitive statements about their future.
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Christianity in the Americas Before Columbus Blitz

Christianity in the Americas Before Columbus banner

 photo CIABCFront_zpsluarwubc.jpg

Non-fiction, Historical, Religious, Christian
Date Published: November 19th, 2019
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Who was Fray (“Friar”) Servando Teresa de Mier? What did he do and what did he write? Fray Mier born 1763 in Monterrey, Mexico, died 1827 as a guest in Mexico’s Presidential Palace. He came to be the most popular man in Mexico. Two centuries later Fray Mier is unknown even in his native Mexico. Why and how did this happen? The life and writings of Fray Mier is a “Mier Paradox” described in Christianity in the Americas Before Columbus: Unfamiliar Origins and Insights. Dr. Mier’s writings give Unfamiliar Origins and Insights to the history of Mexico before and after Columbus. Mier writing: “And, who does not know of the blasphemies of the incredulous against the Christian religion, whose Divinity, they say, was testing them for sixteen centuries, up to crushing their bones, with its expansion into all the world by only twelve men, and with the universality of the Church; and in the end a New World was discovered where nothing was known of it? It is false. Throughout America, monuments and vestige evidences of Christianity were found, according to the unanimous testimony of the missionaries.”
Those early Catholic missionaries were the source of Fray Mier’s research and writings. Mier wrote his “Farewell Letter to the Mexicans,” 1820, while incarcerated in San Juan de Ullúa Fort. Mier’s “Farewell Letter. . .,” has this closing mandate: “My fellow countrymen stop howling and instruct yourselves. . . The Deists themselves today confess that the ancient preaching of the Gospel in America is beyond doubt.”  Pursuant to Fray Mier’s mandate to his Mexican countrymen, we too must instruct ourselves on those early Catholic missionaries’ writings, which give historical authenticity to the ancient preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Americas.
About the Author

 photo Gary_Bowen_cropped_zpsmglchixs.jpg

Gary Bowen earned degrees in Economics and an MBA from the University of Utah. His career began in egg marketing, when hired by Jon M. Huntsman Sr.. His experiences included agricultural wholesale marketing and financial consulting.  He was a Utah State Division Director and a Securities Examiner.
Gary’s studies began in 1962-64 as a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary to West Mexico, where he learned Spanish and Mexican culture. In 1964, he married Herlinda Briones-Vega, who introduced him to Mexico’s hidden history.  Reading Spanish history books, having coincidental meetings over decades with a member of Mexico’s Congress and Mexican Jesuit Priests, Gary came to know a history of Mexico that other than Herlinda and Mexican Catholic Priests is largely unknown. Gary likens his historical research to the idealistic dreams of Don Quixote of La Mancha for a better world.
Gary and Herlinda are parents of 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and one g-grandchild. In 2017, Gary was elected to the Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council, which keeps him very involved in community activities in Salt Lake County, Utah.
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