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Santa: An Interview Blitz

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Santa: An Interview cover

Holiday, Children’s, Family

Date Published: October 1st, 2020


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Santa: An Interview covers the tales of questions asked to and answered by
Santa Claus one winter evening. In a remote northern village close to the
North Pole, in a rare occasion during the holiday season Santa decided to
take a break from Operation Christmas! He invited local kids and adults from
all ages and backgrounds to the Fairbanks Public Library.

Santa had lovingly provided hot cocoa, snacks, blankets, pillows and a warm
magical glowing fire for all in attendance. Tonight was for Santa and the
families that came to share stories and ask him their questions. We’re
lucky that one of the parents was a journalist for the local Fairbanks
Gazette Newspaper, and by trade, always had a notebook in his back pocket.
Thanks to this writer, Raymond “Ray” James, we can relive the
stories and tales told that rare winter night for countless families to
enjoy this holiday season.

You’ll read along as the pages of Ray’s notebook recount the
stories and answers witnessed that one magical evening!



About the Author

In my previous aspirations, I’ve been a Luxury Celebrity Chef,
Designer, Division 1 Swimmer, Musician, Artist, Event Planner, Philosopher,
Author and CEO of Hurn Publications

I love loose leaf teas, I collect teacups and coffee cups, and strangely I
love big soup spoons. In contrast to the big beautiful weddings I’ve
designed and coordinated, my tastes run fairly simple. I watch tons of
documentaries, generally anything to do with oceanography, marine biology or
military history. I’m also a sucker for terrible jokes and puns.
Typically, I’m reading, writing or playing music if I’m not

I’m also not a fan of small talk. I like to jump into the middle of a
conversation and get the heart of a topic. So, feel free to reach out and
start a conversation.


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Hundredth Tour

Hundredth cover


 Christian, Children’s
 Date Published: March 3, 2020
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
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Inspired by Jesus’s parable of the lost sheep, ‘Hundredth’ is the second book in the ‘Pillow Stories from Heaven’ series, sharing an imaginative retelling from the lost sheep’s perspective. At bedtime with family or in a group, both children and parents will delight in listening to the unusual adventures of Hundredth as he goes from one personal transformation to the next. In the end, ‘Hundredth’ will lead the audience into deeper reflection and create opportunity for conversation.
Hundredth hardback


About the Author


Tom Aish grew up behind the Iron Curtain where he first met the risen Messiah. He studied studio art (MFA, Academy of Fine Arts) and later intercultural and film studies (MAICS, Fuller Theological Seminary). His many hobbies include photography, film, travel, nature and especially the mountains. He and his wife, Aly, currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he writes children stories in short story format.
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