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New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown delivers her signature Texas twang in this heartwarming tale about a cowboy and cowgirl who start off at each other’s throats…and end up in each other’s hearts.

No big blond cowboy is going to intimidate this spitfire

If Slade Luckadeau thinks he can run her off his ranch, he’s got cow chips for brains…

This smart-talking ranch woman is giving him serious pains

She’s winning every argument, and he’s running out of fights to pick…

With his granny up to some serious matchmaking, and trouble with a capital “T” threatening the Double L Ranch, suddenly it’s Slade’s heart that’s in the greatest danger of all…

The Lucky Cowboys series:
Lucky in Love (Book 1)
One Lucky Cowboy (Book 2)
Getting Lucky (Book 3)
Talk Cowboy to Me (Book 4)

What People Are Saying About One Lucky Cowboy:
“Loved it, loved it, loved it! What great characters! What a great story!” ―Joanne Kennedy, author of How to Wrangle a Cowboy
“Word of warning―you will not be able to put this one down.” ―Fresh Fiction
“All of the Luckadeau men are H-O-T! ” ―Cheryl’s Book Nook
“Carolyn Brown takes her audience by storm…” ―The Romance Studio


I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest reveiw.

A Hoot of a good read! Jane is on the run from a fiancé that wants her money. Slade thinks she is a con woman! He is going to make sure no one is going to take advantage of his Grandmother. He does everything he can think of to run her off, but she is not going to let some sexy cowboy try and run her off. I had read this book when it first came out and I enjoyed it again the second time around. I recommend this book and series to everyone, I give One Lucky Cowboy 5/5 stars.



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luckiest cowboy of all cover

A secret baby brings a second chance for love.
Carlene Varner’s homecoming isn’t exactly going according to plan. She thought she’d have some time to adjust before introducing her daughter to Jace Dawson, the father her little girl has never known. Instead, within days of her arrival, her house burns down and she and Tilly have no choice but to move in with the sexy cowboy himself at the Prairie Rose ranch. Now the whole Dawson clan-heck, the whole town of Happy-is all up in their business.

Jace has dealt with stubborn bulls and bucking broncos-but being a dad? He is so not ready for this… Yet the more time he spends with Carlene and little Tilly, the harder it is to imagine life without them. Now he just has to convince Carlene that he’s the real deal-and hope that this time she’s here to stay.

HOMETOWN COWBOY by Sara Richardson
Outrageously handsome Lance Cortez is practically a living legend in Colorado, as famous for riding bulls as he is for breaking hearts. What would a big-time cowboy star like him see in a small-town veterinarian who wears glasses, rescues animals, and cries when watching rom-coms? Turns out, plenty.

More in the Happy, Texas, series by Carolyn Brown:
Toughest Cowboy in Texas
Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

LUCKIEST COWBOY OF ALL is a sweet, sexy read! Carlene moves back to Happy, Texas with her daughter Tilly, and move into her Grandmothers house. Jace finds that he has a daughter he never knew about. When Carlene’s Grandmother house unexpectedly burns down one night, Jace offers them to come and live with him. This helps him to get to know his daughter and he can work on convincing Carlene that he still loves her. The daughter Tilly really helps to move the story along, and I just love her character, I always love getting a new Carolyn Brown book, for I know I am in for a great read. She has not disappointed me yet. This is a sexy,  fun read and I recommend it to everyone. I give Luckiest Cowboy of All: Two full books for the price of one (Happy, Texas) 5/5 stars.


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Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown

Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas cover

Who wants a Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas?

“This goes down like a cup of hot cocoa–warm and sweet.” –Entertainment Weekly

A heartwarming holiday read from USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown

Nash Lamont is a man about as solitary as they come. That’s exactly why ranch life in middle-of-nowhere Happy, Texas suits him. So what the heck is he doing letting a beautiful widow and her three rambunctious children temporarily move in? Before he knows it, they’re stringing Christmas lights and decorating the tree… and he’s having the time of his life. But after everything he’s been through, Nash knows this kind of happiness doesn’t last.

Kasey Dawson thought she’d never get over the death of her husband. Nash, with his strong hands and infinite patience, is stirring something she hasn’t felt in a long time. Kasey knows the sexy cowboy isn’t telling her everything about this past, though. And she refuses to risk heartbreak all over again. But her kids have a plan of their own: Nothing will keep them from having a real family again-even if it takes a little help from Santa himself.

“Genuinely sweet.” –Publishers Weekly

The Happy, Texas series:
Toughest Cowboy in Texas
Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas
The Luckiest Cowboy of All
Book Description Courtesy Of Amazon

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

Carolyn Brown does it again with a Heartwarming, Sexy read! Nash was in the military and moved to Happy, Texas. He now lives next door to Kasey who lives with her brothers and her children. Her husband was in the same platoon as Nash. Kasey has to take care of Nash when he falls of a ladder and gets a concussion, because of his PTSD, they need to make sure that any hallucinations are cause by the concussion and not the PTSD. Kasey moves into Nashes’  house with her kids until he is released from the doctor. This is where things really start to heat up between Kasey and Nash. He also comes to care greatly for Kasey’s kids. They all get ready for Christmas by putting up the tree and lights. I loved this book and the series. Carolyn Brown is truly a gifted author. I give
Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas (Happy, Texas) 5/5 stars. I recommend this book to everyone!!

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toughest cowboy in texas cover
A feel-good second-chance romance filled with heart and hope from USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown.

The last time Lila Harris was in Happy, Texas, she was actively earning her reputation as the resident wild child. Now, a little older and wiser, she’s back to run her mother’s café for the summer. Except something about this town has her itching to get a little reckless and rowdy, especially when she sees her old partner-in-crime, Brody Dawson. Their chemistry is just as hot as ever. But he’s still the town’s golden boy-and she’s still the wrong kind of girl.

Brody hasn’t had much time lately for anything other than ranching. Running the biggest spread in the county and taking care of his family more than keeps him busy. All that responsibility has him longing for the carefree days of high school-and Lila. She may have grown up, but he still sees that spark of mischief in her eyes. Now he’s dreaming about late-night skinny dipping and wondering how he can possibly resist the one woman he can never forget…

“Carolyn Brown makes the sun shine brighter and the tea taste sweeter. Southern comfort in a book.” -Sheila Roberts, USA Today bestselling author

More in the Happy, Texas series:
Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas Pre-Order Release Date September 26, 2017
Luckiest Cowboy of All Pre-order Release Date January 30, 2018


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

Toughest Cowboy in Texas: A Western Romance (Happy, Texas) is a sweet, second chance romance. Brody broke Lila’s heart years ago, and he wished he had never done that. She was his best friend and they were secretly dating. The night before Lila and her mother were to leave town, Brody and Lila were supposed to go on a date. He got cold feet and blew her off to go out with his friends. He tried to talk to her before she left, but she would hear non of it. Lila was the wild child of the town, and Brody’s family did not think she was good enough for him. Coming back to town makes her want to go back to her wild child ways. She is only in town for a short time to try to sell the restaurant, and she will leave and never return. Being in the same town with Brody is bringing all the feelings she has felt for him, and she tries to resist, but they are just too strong to resist. Will they have their second chance on love or will they throw it away again. I love Carolyn Brown’s writing! I never miss a book by her. I recommend this book to everyone. I give TOUGHEST COWBOY IN TEXAS 5/5 STARS.


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Carolyn Brown brings her signature southern quirkiness to this original tale of Texas love. Includes bonus content.

One cowboy. One cowgirl. One ranch.
Who will win the Double Deuce by the Fourth of July?

Adele O’Donnell knew that Double Deuce Ranch had to be hers the second she walked onto the property. Freshly divorced, she sees it as the perfect spot for her and the kids to start a new life. Remington Luckadeau was always a carefree playboy…until his suddenly orphaned nephews became his responsibility. The Double Deuce Ranch would be the perfect place to raise two boys. But some fiery woman is fighting him for it, and Remington is not sharing—no matter how the sparks fly when he and Adele are together.

Ebook includes full-length bonus book: Reckless in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell:
Rough and tumble, cocky and charming, Joe Cassidy’s everything a rodeo superstar should be…and he’s way out of Violet’s league.


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

Talk Cowboy to Me (Lucky Cowboys) is a rousing good read! Carolyn Brown does it again! When two families want the same ranch, and one month to show that they are the right ones to get it, what will the outcome be? Talk Cowboy To Me settles this dispute  between its pages. Remigton cares for his two nephews after the death of their parents. Adele is recently divorced and cares for her two daughters and wants a new start. They both end up at the Double Deuce ranch wanting to buy it, but the owner wants them to both live there for a month before he makes a decision. I love the children in this book!! They will steal your heart. I recommend this book to everyone. I give TALK COWBOY TO ME 5/5 STARS.


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