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The Formidable Earl Tour

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Diamonds In The Rough, Book 6  


Regency Romance  

Release Date: November 17, 2020 


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He’s breaking the rules for one woman, and coming dangerously close to
falling in love… 

Simon Nugent, Earl of Fielding, knows he’s flawed. He’s arrogant, possessive, and haunted by a terrible choice he made long
ago. So
when a former friend’s daughter gives him the chance to do a good
deed, he grabs it. Except he’d
like to grab her as well and teach her a thing or two about kissing.
If only she weren’t
so damn stubborn.  

Ida Strong wants one thing – justice on behalf of her father. She has no
room for anything else, in spite of her growing and (at times)
inexplicable attraction toward a certain earl. But for a woman who knows
what betrayal tastes like, placing her trust in others is hard. Risking
her heart, would be downright foolish. Until it’s the only thing that
seems to make sense. 

Diamonds in the Rough series


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The Formidable Earl paperback



May, 1821
bride, Simon Garrison Nugent, Earl
of Fielding, had ceased all attempts at marriage
and was currently avoiding debutantes much as he
would a leper. By keeping his distance. Instead, he
chose to pass his evenings with friends.
At his age of three and thirty, marriage was
expected. He knew it had to happen soon if he
was to maintain his dignity. After all, the longer
he remained unattached, the more it looked like
he’d not yet recovered from losing his fiancée to
another man.
It had been three years since the incident yet it
still rankled.
Gabriella, now the Duchess of Huntley, would
have made the perfect countess. The very idea of
her choosing an ill-bred ruffian, even if he did
happen to have a prestigious title, was bad enough
without Simon having to worry about what people
would think of the next bride he picked. She
would have to be at least as pretty, graceful, and
accomplished as Gabriella. Preferably more so,
which brought him back to the inadequacy of the
women currently available for marriage.
Seated in a quiet corner of White’s together with
Baron Hawthorne and the Earl of Yates, Simon
sipped his brandy and tried to force his thoughts
away from the past by focusing on what Yates was
“It was never meant to get this out of hand,”
Yates explained while looking precisely like the
sort of man whose neck was being squeezed by a
noose. He was a good fellow – one of the few who
seemed to tolerate Simon’s company – though
sadly too kind for his own good, seeing as he’d
gotten tangled up with an untitled woman who
lacked a dowry and connections. “All I meant to
do was help the girl. She’s a friend of my sister’s
after all.”
“If every man with a sister offered to step out
with all her unremarkable friends, he’d have gotten
himself engaged a dozen times over,” Baron
Hawthorne muttered. He tossed back the remainder
of his drink and poured himself another. “It’s
your own damn fault for being too nice.”
“He’s right, you know,” Simon said.
Stretching out his legs, he crossed them at the
ankles and cradled his snifter between his hands
while pondering Yates’s dilemma. Apparently
there had been a compromising situation which
just happened to have been witnessed by a group
of matrons hoping to find a reprieve from the
stuffy ballroom.
Simon sighed. “The trouble is,” he said, deciding
to meet Yates’s gaze dead on, “hell, the
trouble has always been, that she’s not your equal.
Socially, I mean.”
“Well done, Fielding.” Hawthorne said with a
smirk. “It’s always good to know you’ll remind us
of what’s acceptable.”
Simon fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Tell me
I’m wrong.” His demand was, as expected, met by
silence. Not even Yates attempted to argue. “Miss
Harlowe is not countess material. This doesn’t
mean she cannot be perfectly lovely, but no matter
how you turn it, she’ll always be born into the
wrong family.”
There was a heavy moment of silence, and then
Hawthorne asked, “Has your outlook on life
always been this sunny?”
Simon snorted. “I’m just trying to be realistic. If
Yates marries Miss Harlowe, he will no longer be
welcome in certain circles, people will talk, and
his life as he knows it will be forever changed,
which I very much doubt is something he wants.”
“From determined wife hunter to cynical
loner,” Yates murmured, his narrowed eyes fixed
on Simon with interest. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten
your eager pursuit of Gabriella Matthews.
Hell, you were even engaged to her for what, ten
seconds or so, roughly four years ago?”
“The Duchess of Huntley?” Hawthorne
inquired with wide eyes. “I don’t recall that at
“Three,” Simon clipped. “It was three years
“You must not have been at the Coventry Ball
that season,” Yates said to Hawthorne. “Fielding
announced the betrothal – even kissed Gabriella
before one and all – only to let the whole thing
fizzle away into nothing. A short while later,
Huntley and Gabriella were married and you,”
Yates tilted his almost empty glass in Simon’s
direction, “haven’t proposed to anyone since.”
“Perhaps because I haven’t met anyone else
worth asking,” Simon said.
Yates leaned back, his expression suddenly distant
and thoughtful.
“I think you need to fall in love,” Hawthorne
told Simon with a grin.
“God forbid,” Simon muttered. Worrying over
his future was difficult enough without throwing
love into the mix.
“I don’t think he believes in love,” Yates said.
Simon gave his friend a deadpan look. “Of course
I do. There have been so many blissful unions of
late, I’m inclined to believe we live in a world full
of rainbows where cupids lurk behind every bush.
Hell, even Carlton Guthrie, the Scoundrel of St.
Giles – a man I would have sworn had no heart –
is smitten with his young wife.”
“Sounds like an epidemic.”
Simon snorted in response to Hawthorne’s comment
and took another sip of his drink.
“By the by,” Yates murmured in a more discreet
tone than earlier, “I’ve promised Celeste I’d try
and find her a new protector, in case this thing
with Miss Harlowe doesn’t blow over and I end
up marrying her.”
“I don’t understand why you’d want to give up
your mistress if you’re not in love,” Hawthorne
“Out of respect for my wife,” Yates said. He
emitted a heavy sigh and looked at Simon. “I
don’t suppose you would be interested?”
“I’m afraid not. In my experience mistresses are
demanding and hard to get rid of.” His last one
had even made a spectacle, chasing after him on
Oxford Street when he’d tried to end things with
her. It had been most embarrassing.
“Celeste isn’t like that. She’s quite agreeable and
“Nevertheless,” Simon said.
“No wife or mistress,” Hawthorne said with a
pitying look that put Simon on edge. “You must
be in need of a good tup.”
“It’s not so bad,” Simon said.
Hawthorne raised an eyebrow. “Really? How
long has it been since you last had a woman?”
Simon shrugged. He hated this – hated being
made to feel lacking in some way. Attempting to
show indifference, he busied himself with refilling
his glass. “Three months or so.”
“Damnation,” Yates murmured.
“Hell, it’s no wonder you look so tense.” Hawthorne
reached inside his jacket pocket, retrieved
a card, and handed it to Simon. “If I may, I suggest
you stop by Amourette’s on your way home
“It’s a brothel, is it not?” Simon asked. When
Hawthorne nodded Simon instinctively winced.
“I don’t think so.”

About the Author

Born in Denmark, USA TODAY bestselling author Sophie Barnes spent her
youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the
world. She’s
lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and
speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish, and Romanian. But, most
impressive of all, she’s
been married to the same man three times—in three different countries
and in three different dresses.

When she’s not busy dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending
time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic
comedies and, of course, reading.

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MY KINDA FOREVER – Release Day Blitz

My Kinda Forever banner

Today we have the release day blitz for My Kinda Forever by Lacey Black! Make sure you grab your copy today!!

My Kinda Forever cover

Title: My Kinda Forever

Series: Summer Sisters, Book 6

Author: Lacey Black

About My Kinda Forever:

Alone. Everything changed for Meghan Summer that fateful February night. All she had, all she saw in her future, was stripped away in the blink of an eye. Even though she finds herself surrounded by her growing family, at the end of the day, there’s nothing but a gaping hole where her heart once beat. Or so she thinks…


Her. Nick Adams shouldn’t want her. First off, she’s his employee and friend, but more importantly, she’s grieving the loss of her fiancé. Even now, more than two years later, which is why it’s important he be there for Meghan as her confidante, without checking out her stellar ass. However, his heart is pulling him toward her…


Together. How do you move past the hurt and pain to forge a new normal? Can Nick and Meghan make a go of their connection? What happens when their newfound love is put to the ultimate test as another is brought in the mix: a ghost.


*Though part of a series, this book can be read as a standalone. It is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.


Get Your Copy Today!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | B&N | iBooks | GooglePlay | Kobo | Add to Goodreads

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Suddenly, being alone with Nick in the dojo has me nervous. I’m shifting my weight from foot to foot and not completely sure what to do with my hands. “Hey,” he finally says, offering me a small smile.


“You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” I grumble, not really sure if I can do this.

Or if I should.

No, I definitely should. After what happened last week, a woman should know a few basic self-defense moves.

Nick heads over to the bench and unties his belt, dropping it on the bench beside my bag. Then, he strips off his white jacket.

My jaw hits the floor.

Unlike our time on the boat Monday, where he wasn’t wearing a shirt, this time he’s wearing a white tank top underneath, and if it’s possible, I think it makes him hotter. It hugs his very hard, very muscular upper body in a way that I’ve only read about in books. (Or saw one time when Linkin stripped for my sister, Lexi.) His shoulders…my word, his shoulders. The definition and muscles are like a work of art. Nick turns back to face me. “Is this okay? It’s hot.”

Yep. Definitely hot.

“Umm, sure. Whatever. Fine.” I know I try to sound casual, but really, it just comes out like a bumbling, blubbering teenager.

“Good. Now come here,” he instructs, and the tone goes straight to the apex of my legs (which are practically shaking, by the way). Why does it sound dirty?

“I’m going to show you just a few moves to help you escape an assailant. The first is an open hand strike. You’re going to use the heel of your hand to strike some of your assailant’s most sensitive areas,” he teaches, demonstrating the move. “Aim for the eyes, nose, mouth, or neck.” He stands in front of me and holds my hand, positioning it and showing me the correct ways to execute. “Here,” he adds, moving my hand to his face.

I can feel his breath on the palm of my hand as I slowly shadow his movements, practicing without actually striking him.

“Good. Now, if he comes at you from behind, your elbow is a valuable weapon. It’s hard, and when thrust into his face, neck, or stomach, you could definitely buy some precious time to get away.” He moves behind me and I immediately thrust upward with my elbow. He easily dodges the blow, as mortification tinges my cheeks.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to try to hit you, it just…was a reflex,” I insist.

“You’re fine,” he chuckles. “It’s good for you to actually practice the moves. Well, except this next one. No need to practice the knee to the groin. Just know it’s one of the most effective ways to disarm an assailant. If done right, your perp will be lying on the ground, crying for his mommy while you run away,” Nick teases, holding his hand over his…area.

Of course, my eyes drop down.

Why wouldn’t they?

He was just referring to someone’s…package.

“Yeah, no need to practice that,” I quickly reply, again a blush burning my neck and cheeks.

Is it hot in here?

“Let’s go over a few ways to block a punch or slap,” he says, showing me a few techniques using my arms and hands, before finally demonstrating what to do if the assailant gets me down on the ground.

Yep, I’ve officially lost my mind. I’m practically rolling around on the mat with Nick, who is trying to teach me moves that might one day save my life. And all I can think about is the way his arms feel when they wrap around me or the way his package brushes up against my thigh, not once, but five times.


Yes, I counted.

“Okay, that’s the basics. I want to do a few of them in a real-life situation. Stand over there, and I’ll come at you. I want you to take me down.”

“Wait, what? I can’t take you down. You’re…big.”

And, cue the blush…

Nick chuckles. “I’ll be okay, honey. Promise.” Then he winks at me, and my entire body seems to catch fire. “Ready?”

No. I’m definitely not ready for this.

My Kinda Forever teaser 2


About Lacey Black:

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading, writing, and shopping. She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves watching NASCAR races, shooting guns, and should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.

Lacey’s debut novel, Trust Me, was released in August 2014 and has been an Amazon Bestseller twice for Free e-books, as well as #1 for Contemporary Romance. All of the Rivers Edge books have been bestsellers in the Romance and Contemporary Romance categories.


Connect with Lacey:

Email | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

Enter Lacey’s Giveaway:

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From Award Winning Author M.L. Guida
Only an ice princess can melt the
darkness growing in his fiery heart
a pirate's darkness Book Cover
M.L. Guida
Series: Legends of the Soaring Phoenix, Book 6
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Buffalo Mountain Press
Publication Date: May 12, 2017
Destined to be queen of the undines, Penelope must master her winter powers and remain pure. But time is running out. A time spider is hunting her. To save her people, she must flee. If caught, the beast will bite her and drag her back to a demon’s island. Then, the demon will feast on her blood, allowing him to the escape the island and kill all those she loves.
Her only hope is to trust Ewan Kelley, the grim gun master of the Soaring Phoenix.
Ewan wants no part of this and is still mourning the loss of his beloved woman and guarding his blind daughter from the demon. But an archangel reveals that the demon knows where she is and plans to kidnap her. To keep her safe, he must save a woman he barely knows. In return, the archangel promises to give sight to his little girl.
Their attraction for each other proves to be too strong, and soon they learn that their forbidden love will not be denied. Only by working together can they defeat the forces of evil.

Purchase Links

Other Books by the Author

Don’t miss the other books in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenis series:
Book Cover
Series: Legends of the Soaring Phoenix Book 4
Losing his hand to a demon means Ronan Macmillian is desperate. He’ll do anything to avoid being a cripple, even sacrifice to the same demon an innocent, beautiful undine. But when Ronan meets the beautiful Angelica, restoring his hand and handing over the undine becomes complicated. Will Ronan betray his honor and his heart and deliver Angelica over to the demon? Or will true love prevail and win Ronan her life?
Book Cover
Series: Legends of the Soaring Phoenix Book 5
*** Winner: First Place, 2016 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Historical Novel or Novella
Water Elemental Isabella is a prisoner on board the dreaded Fiery Damsel pirate ship. Her choice is mate with pirate Leif Black or die. Leif Black has problems of his own. He has kept his sisters hidden from the crew of the Fiery Damsel and never told them that he is a vampire.
Isabella and Leif fight to deny their forbidden love, but destiny won’t be defied. When the lust proves to be too strong, they must work together to protect their child and trust each other to defeat the evil demon.


Giveaway Graphic
Prizes up for grabs:
$25 Amazon Gift Card
eBook of A Pirate’s Darkness
Contest runs from May 20 – 24, 2017.

About M.L. Guida

Author Pic

Award Winning ML Guida has been in love with the paranormal ever since she first watched Dark Shadows as a little girl. She still enjoys watching paranormal shows including A Haunting, The Haunted, Dead Files, and Supernatural. She’s a Dean girl, BTW. She has a historical paranormal series called Legends of the Soaring Phoenix which are pirates that turn into vampires during every full moon. She also has a paranormal romantic suspense series called the Angels of Death which is angels are trying to stop a crafty demon from murdering people and taking their souls.
Sign up for M.L. Guida’s newsletter to receive the latest book releases, updates, appearances, and any other fun information. Click here.
Official website: http://www.mlguida.com
Connect with ML Guida on social media: Facebook | Twitter
a pirate's  darkness Tour Graphic

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Book Unleashed


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