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red blooded by amanda carlson



Jessica is going to Hell.

After settling a fragile truce between the vampires, werewolves and witches, the last thing Jessica wants to do is face the demons head on. But when the Prince of Hell kidnapped her brother, he set into motion a chain of events that even Jessica doesn’t have the power to stop.

Now, Jessica must go into battle again. But Hell is a whole new beast — new rules, more dangerous demons, and an entirely foreign realm. And when Jessica is dropped into the Underworld too soon, without protection or the help of her friends, she must figure out just how powerful she can be… or she will never make it out alive.

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

Jessica is going to Hell, but she is going before she is ready. Jessica has been told to come to Hell to stand trial for crimes against it, but she was told to come by a certain date. While training to defend against demon magic, she absorbs it and activates the circle and pulled to Hell.

The Witches try to control where she lands when she gets there. Everything is strange in Hell. She must get away from the garbage of Hell before she is caught, and find her brother. She is literally running around with no idea of where she is going. She breaks out a woman who is being help prisoner. What she does not know is that she is the one who started all the crap with Hell.  If it was not for her she would not be in this situation. To me RED BLOODED was not as action packed as the others, and had a lot of running around. Don’t get me wrong it was still a very good book with well-developed characters and storyline. I give RED BLOODED 4/ 5 stars.


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