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Slaved – Blitz

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Last Chance Series, Book 2
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published: June 2019
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“I could feel her heartbeat
even though we were miles away”
Rescued from the only life she had ever known, Alannah Jackson learns what it means to be loved and not controlled. Finally able to let go of her past she begins a new life with the man who has shown her what love is. Faced with the truth, Alannah finds she can never escape her past or who she is. She will never love, only serve.
Roman’s love for Alannah is tested when he finds that she has been slaved by a man just as ruthless as Winston Nelson. Against his better judgment, he accepts Martin Holland’s offer to help retrain Alannah and he begins to question the love they shared.  After Martin Holland makes it clear of his intentions, Roman stops at nothing to get her back. There is no room for another man in her life.
Contains adult content 18+
About the author:

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Award-winning Author of the Independent Press Award and NYC Big Book Award. A.L. Long is also the recipient of the National Indie Excellence Award.
My love for writing began several years ago after an early retirement from a demanding job that I loved, but also hated because it consumed so much of my time. Now, I am able to focus my time on what I love. Writing romance has been a life long dream and to actually say that I am a published author is beyond what I would have ever expected.
Even though some may say I have a little naughtiness in my books, I look at it as an added bonus for my readers. After all what is a romance book without a little spice.
When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with friends either at home or out on the town. Mostly, I enjoy a relaxing night at home where I can enjoy a glass of wine in the company of a good book.
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Dominion Cove – Blitz

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June 20, 2019
Elite Online Publishing
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lives a charmed life. He’s attending Princeton, has a loving girlfriend, and a
supportive mother. He has the world at his fingertips, but something is
missing. On a quest to discover his true self, and where he really fits in, he
finds himself in the idyllic town of Haven Brooke visiting his cousin James.
Yes, Haven Brooke is the perfect place for Bennet to relax and plan his future,
but not all is as it seems. The town is concealing a dark secret, and when
Bennet stumbles upon it he is transported to Dominion Cove, a land where
darkness is waiting to strike. Bennet learns that he may be the only one who
can stop the darkness and return balance to Dominion. But will he venture into
Dominion to find the darkness? Will he rise up as the chosen one, or will he
leave it all behind to return to the comforts of his former life?
the Author

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R. Hubbard gained her love for reading and writing at an early age. She craved
creative writing while in school, and appreciated all the teachers that
encouraged her to explore the art of constructing short stories, including her
parents, who were educators. In her early college years the idea for her first
book fluttered into her mind, but she pursued a career in Elementary Education
graduated from Weber State University at the age of 22 with a degree in
Elementary Education and jumped into the classroom. Years later she earned a
Master’s Degree of Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors
University. While she is no longer actively teaching, the years she spent
molding the minds of young children and instilling a love for reading within
them helped her to know that it was time to focus on being a mother and an
currently lives with her husband and three amazing children in Ogden, Utah. She
enjoys playing pickleball, eating cheesecake, and playing the piano when she
isn’t in the car running children around to their various activities.


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Tabloid – Blitz

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with a splash of humor
Laundry #1
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gossip writer + 1 A-list movie star = 1 fake relationship…or does it?
breaking a story that rocks Hollywood, Talia is the top gossip writer around.
One night will put all of that into question. The writer becomes the story when
she gets caught doing the walk of shame from A-lister Zee Jaxon’s home.
save both of their reputations he suggests a fake relationship. Pretending
should be easy. It shouldn’t mean the fake feelings become real. Accepting the
real feelings means the lies they’ve told are even harder to hide.
the truth comes out can their love survive or will everything just fade to
forgot to tell you something.”  Zeke said
as they walked hand and hand to baggage claim.
don’t hate me.”  He kissed their linked
did you do?”
Zeke and Talia turned the corner to pick up their bags Talia saw a giant poster
being held by a tall muscular guy wearing a too tight t-shirt and dirty
jeans.  Scrawled on the poster were the
words she was going to have etched on her brother’s grave.
asked Rex to pick us up?”
bit his lip trying not to laugh at the poster.
When Rex saw the poster had gotten their attention, and many others
around them, he flipped it over.
seeing my mistake now.”  Zeke said.
bet you are.”
strode over to Zeke and Talia.  He
dropped the poster and opened his arms wide.
Talia walked up to give him a hug, but landed a swift punch to his nuts.  Air whooshed out of his lungs.  Rex collapsed on the ground.  Fellow passengers walked around him.  The granny from the plane caught my eye and
gave me a thumbs up.
Rex.”  Talia stood with her hands on her
hips watching her brother struggle.
ahead.  Then I’m going to show her the
poster you made.”
“Fine.”  Rex managed to get off the ground.
for picking us up, ass wipe.”  Zeke said.
problem.  How could I strand my best
friend and sister at the airport?
Especially when they are now seeing each other.”  Rex looked at them skeptically.
car did you bring?”  Talia changed the
subject before questions could be asked.
“What?  Why didn’t you bring mama’s SUV?”
would I?  My pick-up is fine.”
a bench seat. “
smirked at her.  “Yep.  We will be getting real close for the next
“Hour?  It takes close to an hour and a half to get
to Grandin.  How fast do you plan on
going?”  Talia stopped and looked to her
didn’t tell her?”  Rex asked.
didn’t have a chance.  We had a bit of an
issue on the plane.”
mind that tell me what is going on.”
Talia stared at Zeke.
are going to go to my farm. It’s a half hour outside of Grandin.”
glared at both of the men in front of her.
Turning on her heel she grabbed her bag and marched off toward the short
term parking.   She easily found his beat
up truck.  Slinging her bag into the bed
she stood next to the passenger door.
a hurry to get to your love nest, Tally?”
Rex asked.
ground her jaw as she stared at her skeptical twin.  When Zeke’s arm wound around her waist,
pulled her close and kissed her temple Rex groaned and wrenched the door open.
the Author:
is a single mom of a rambunctious boy and his dog, Cady.  She is an avid reader with a blog under the
name of The Book Maven.  Reading has been
a passion of hers from the time she could pick up a Sweet Valley High
book.  Writing is a new adventure where
she gets to curse, be clumsy and fall in love with every page.

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Marry Me Daddy – Blitz



Marry Me Daddy banner

Marry Me Daddy by Allysa Hart and Rayanna Jamison – OUT NOW!


Marry Me Daddy cover

Get it ONLY on Amazon!!
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Billionaire Needs a Bride: Apply here.
He was a well dressed workaholic with a predictable schedule, so why was his face on a billboard like some desperate recluse looking for a wife?

And why am I so eager to apply?
Not that it mattered. The site had stopped taking applications by the time I got there. Just my luck. Little did I know, by the end of the day, that same billionaire would be offering me, a small town barista, the deal of a lifetime.

He’s rich, he’s dominant, he’s handsome, and now he is my new husband.
We weren’t a match made from love. We were one of convenience, but the passion was there and it was explosive. Would the passion extend beyond the bedroom? Could this actually be a marriage that lasts, or will it end before his obligations to his grandfather’s company are fulfilled?
And the biggest, most pressing question of all…
How am I going to explain this to anyone?

Marry Me, Daddy is Book 4 in the HOT new Rom-Com series about a group of friends who bond over their love of dirty books with drool-worthy heroes. Each eventually gets their own hot, hilarious happily-ever-afters.


Marry Me Daddy available now banner

About the Authors

Allysa Hart

I am a full-time mom to a sassy, strong-willed, loveable little girl. Okay, so she is all me. I am on the wrong side of 30, and I have been married to my best friend for over eight years. Like most couples, we have our ups and downs, but I could not imagine doing life with anyone else by my side. We are Southern California transplants, currently residing in a very rural part of the east coast. I have two crazy dogs that I adore, even though they drive me out of my ever-loving mind, most days.
I have recently rediscovered my love of words and decided to become a writer. My first story is my heart and soul, and it reaches into the depths of all that is me. I also create covers, promos, and logos for authors. I have met some amazing friends on this journey that I now happily call family. Without my family members, whether biological or chosen, I would not be half the person I am today. Their constant love and support keep me afloat.

Stalk Ally at:

Blog: http://allysahart.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allysahartauthor



BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/allysa-hart

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allycat602/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Allysa-Hart/e/B01M747C3A/

Email: allycat5765@gmail.com


Rayanna Jamison

Rayanna is a coffee drinking, wine loving, sushi obsessed, knee sock fanatic who works her passions into every story she writes. She resides in Southern Utah with her husband, 2 kids, mother, grandfather, and 2 dogs.

In her spare time, she enjoys celebrating life with good food, good drinks, and good friends.

You can find me at these following places:






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The Thirteenth Guardian – Blitz

The Thirteenth Guardian banner

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June 11, 2019
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Vinci’s secret pales. Michelangelo concealed an explosive truth in his famous
Creation of Adam fresco in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. Eve did not cause
the fall of man. She carried a far more devastating secret for millennia—one
that will change the world forever.
the modern-day world suffers the cataclysmic effects of the “Plagues of Egypt,”
Avery Fitzgerald, a statuesque Astrophysics major at Stanford, discovers that
she is mysteriously bound to five strangers by an extremely rare condition that
foremost medical experts cannot explain. Thrust into extraordinary
circumstances, they race against time to stay alive as they are pursued by an
age-old adversary and the world around them collapses into annihilation.
sacred oath, The Guardians—a far more archaic and enigmatic secret society than
the Freemasons, Templars, and the Priory—protect Avery as she embarks on a
daring quest that only legends of old have been on before. Avery must come to
terms with the shocking realization that the blood of an ancient queen flows
through her veins and that the fate of the world now rests on her shoulders.
had always dreamed that he would do meaningful work in his life. His parents
repeatedly told him that he had a great destiny ahead of him and that one day
he would do amazing things. Remi believed that perhaps one day he would become
a senator or congressman and would change the lives of millions of people. The
fact that at twenty-one, he was now in a room with the President of the United
States, his chief of staff, and possibly the only congressman left alive,
working on a plan to keep the United States government functional, left him
with mixed feelings. It was awe inspiring on the one hand, but on the other,
the circumstances around which it was happening were terrifying.
the four men conferred around an old coffee table, which had now become the
platform on which the future of the United States was being shaped, the door to
the war room burst open and a Marine rushed in with terror in his eyes. He
doubled over, choking, like something was stuck in his throat. Remi rushed to
his aid.
now?” the president barked. He was frustrated and at a loss after everything
that had happened over the last few hours. He had run out of patience, and his
capacity for sympathy was completely eroded.
President, you need to come up to the surface entrance. You need to do it now,”
the Marine said, gasping for air.
president knew enough about the Marines’ degree of professionalism that he did
not object.
followed the Marine down the hall and hopped into the Humvee for the
three-minute ride up the steeply inclined roadway to the entrance of the
you should slow down for a minute and catch your breath.”
am going to be fine, Mr. President. I am able to breathe a lot better now,
I was curt earlier. It’s been a rough few days, and my nerves are a little
frayed. I should have been more compassionate.”
stopped at the head of the roadway, which was protected by a steel gate large
enough for a semi-truck. Instead of opening the gate, the Marine walked to the
side and opened a smaller door that led down a short hallway and to a steep set
of stairs. The group of men climbed up the stairs in silence and emerged at the
top of the guard tower.
president was the first to step out of the stairwell and into the guard tower
opening. He let out a loud gasp. His chief of staff followed and let out an
equally loud expletive. As Remi stepped out of the stairwell, he had instinctively
braced himself for anything; yet still, what he saw shocked him to his core.
the Author
Lewis has lived in multiple countries around the world and speaks several
languages. Lewis holds a graduate degree from one of the Universities featured
in his book. When he is not writing, Lewis doubles as a management consultant,
with clients in just about every continent. He does much of his writing while
on long flights and at far-flung airports around the globe. He currently
resides on the East Coast of the United States with his family.

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