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PARANORMAL ROMANCE- Kodiak’s Claim (Kodiak Point Book 1) BY EVE LANGLAIS

kodiak's claim by eve langlais
Book Description
Publication Date: July 29, 2014
A BIG Bear Romance.

He might growl, but she’s not afraid to bite.

Hands full taking care of his clan, the last thing this Kodiak bear needs is a woman poking her cute little nose into his affairs. But when she refuses to back down–and shows the courage to stand up to him–he can’t resist the allure of a curvy city girl.

She’s mine. All mine.

And when a rival clan thinks to use her to force his paw, he’ll show them why you never piss off a Kodiak, or threaten what’s his.

Tammy is convinced all men are scum, even gorgeous ones like Reid Carver. She knows he’s hiding something. Something big. She just never expected a real freaking bear hid underneath all those yummy muscles. But when the truth comes out and he tries to scare her off with a roar, she shows him not just bears have bite.

Welcome to Kodiak Point where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart.
Kodiak’s Claim
Outfoxed by Love (Sep 16 2014)
??? (November/14)


KODIAK’S CLAIM is a sexy, fun read.  It will have you laughing out loud at inappropriate times, that people will wonder what is wrong with you. If they only knew what a great book you are reading. This is a well-developed story with likeable characters. Someone has hijacked three of Reid Carvers trucks, and now Tammy who is with the insurance company is here to make sure the claim is legit. Now Tammy is a full-figured woman and past boyfriends hinted that she needed to lose weight, but for Carver a full-figured woman is just right. Who in their right mind would want to bed a stick? At least with a full-figured woman you can have two handfuls of woman. The first time she sees the bear, she thinks it is trying to get in the house. when the door opens she hits it with a cast iron skillet, but it is Reid. Then she has to explain why she hit a naked man in the head with a skillet, but wait why is he naked? He explains calmly that a gas line on the snowmobile had come loose and got gasoline on his clothes. He took them off in the garage so he would not get in trouble by his grandmother by bringing in the stench of gas. The story only gets better and better, especially when she shoots him in the ass thinking it was a bear again. I cannot wait until the next story , which will be OUTFOXED BY LOVE . This will be the story of Boris the moose and Jan the fox. I know this one will make me laugh even more, because Boris is reluctant to admit that Jan is his mate.  I highly recommend this book to everyone, and give KODIAK’S CLAIM BY EVE LANGLAIS 5/5 stars. Happy reading everyone.




bear naked by  dana marie bell

Book Description

February 11, 2014

To win a frightened heart, you have to bare your own.


Halle Shifters, Book 3

Any woman would be eager to be Ryan Williams’s mate. Any woman but Glory Walsh. The sexy bear shifter is beautiful, strong and persistent, she’ll give him that. But Glory’s past taught her one simple truth: people leave. She can’t get past the fact he left her once before. Okay, so he had a good reason, and he did come back. Try convincing her emotions.

When Glory finally agrees to a date, Ryan feels like shouting hallelujah. He only left his mate to hunt down the man who’d shot her, but convincing the stubborn woman she has a permanent place at his side is tougher than he thought.

Their date takes a turn for the bizarre when Glory thanks Ryan for the series of romantic gifts—gifts Ryan never sent. It seems her past is coming back to bite her, and before it has a chance to sink its teeth in and tear her out of his life, Ryan will have to bare it all, right down to his soul, to protect the woman he loves. Even from herself.


Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, a blue-haired heroine, and a hero who isn’t afraid to get all kinds of naked.



BEAR NAKED delivers with the sexy shifters and the humor. Dana Marie Bell always makes me laugh with the humor, and snarky comments. Glory has abandonment issues that stem from when she was younger and her twin sister went missing and then her father kicked her out and left with her  younger sister and brother. She didn’t have anything but the money in her wallet and the clothes she was wearing. She went t live with Cub and her mother. RYAN IS A BEAR SHIFTER, and he has to convince her that he will never leave her and that she is his mate and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. When her lie is threatened by a crazy stalker, Ryan enlists the help of his family to help protect her.

Hen she is bitten by the crazy stalker with a changing bite, Ryan has to give her the mating bite to counter the changing bite. Ryan does not like that her change was forced on her and convince her hat everything will be fine. At tis point we get some very steamy sex scenes that will have you wanting a cold shower. One of my favorite parts of the book that had me rolling on the floor with laughter is when everyone pitched in to clean Ryan’s place before his family arrived in town. Glory told Ryan that she had a crock pot that she wanted him to take to the dumpster. He told her that it could be cleaned. His cousin asked him how long ago was it that they had made the chili? And he replied that it was in college. They proceeded to tell him that he might need a flame thrower to get rid of it. Then he notices that the carpet I actually beige. The whole scene will have you laughing.

If you have not read any of the Halle Shifters novels, I urge you to do so. You will not be disappointed. I give BEAR NAKED 5/5 stars. 

Here are the others in the series.

Bear Necessities (Halle Shifters)
Cynful (Halle Shifters)

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Book Description

         Publication Date:         March 27, 2012

He’s big, burly, and way smarter than your average shapeshifting bear. He’s also about to get trapped by own his game…Lou Crushek is a reasonable, mellow, easygoing kind of guy. But once someone starts killing the scumbags he works so hard to bust, that really gets under his fur. Especially when that someone is a curvy she-tiger with a skill set that’s turning Crush’s lone-bear world upside down – and bringing his passion out of hibernation…As a member of an elite feline protection unit, Marcella Malone has no problem body-dropping anyone who hunts her kind. But Crush is proving one major pain in her gorgeous tail. The only reason she’s joined forces with him is to track down the wealthy human who’s got her entire species in his ruthless sights. It sure isn’t because Crush’s stubborn and contrary attitude is rubbing Cella in all the right ways…


Lou “Crush” Crushek is being transferred to be partnered up with Dez and her police force. Crush has never liked change until Marcella “Cella” Malone, enforcer for the shifter hockey team, and contractor for KZS, entered his life.  She turned his quiet bear life upside down. These two are complete opposites. Cella likes a good down and dirty bare-knuckle brawl, and Crush likes a quite day at home. When you put these two together you have chaos, and sexy, hot scenes. In BEAR MEETS GIRL, the characters and story line are well-developed. In true Shelly Laurenston fashion, you have the snappy dialogue, witt, and sarcastic humor. There is some laugh out loud moments. I never get tired of reading a Shelly Laurenston book. I loved BEAR MEETS GIRL, and I give it 4/5 stars.

Don’t forget on March 25, 2014 Bite Me (The Pride Series) will be released. I was fortunate to be given an ARC copy of this book, Review forthcoming, and all I have to say at the moment is you will love it. There seems to be a lot more humor in BITE ME, THAT I FOUND MYSELF LAUGHING IN THE BREAKROOM AT WORK A LOT MORE THAN USUAL. JUST BE PREPARED.

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beast behaving badlyBook Descriptionbuyamzon-button-plain

         Publication Date:         March 5, 2013
Some men just have more to offer. Like hard-muscled, shape-shifting Bo Novikov–part polar bear, part lion, pure alpha.  .  .Ten years after Blayne Thorpe first encountered Bo Novikov, she still can’t get the smooth-talking shifter out of her head. Now he’s shadowing her in New York–all seven-plus feet of him–determined to protect her from stalkers who want to use her in shifter dogfights. Even if he has to drag her off to an isolated Maine town where the only neighbors are other bears almost as crazy as he is.  .  .Let sleeping dogs lie. Bo knows it’s good advice, but he can’t leave Blayne be. Blame it on her sweet sexiness–or his hunch that there’s more to this little wolfdog than meets the eye. Blayne has depths he hasn’t yet begun to fathom–much as he’d like to. She may insist Bo’s nothing but a pain in her delectable behind, but polar bears have patience in spades. Soon she’ll realize how good they can be together. And when she does, animal instinct tells him it’ll be worth the wait.  .  .


I love these characters. Blayne Thorpe and Bo o Novikov are two opposites that you would think that would not get along, but they are perfect together. They help to balance each other out. Bo Novikov  likes his world perfectly planned out to the last-minute, where as Blayne basically starts out planning her day but ends up flying by the seat of her pants. Her plans are always pushed back and she is always late. This drives Bo crazy. He hates to be late for anything, especially practice. Blayne is  a plumber by day and at night she is in a shifter roller derby team. She is a very hyper   wolf-dog hybrid and she is very scatterbrained . She is very loving and always helping someone even though they don’t thin they need it. Bo is a part polar bear and part lion, and they met years ago and she ran. This book has many laugh out loud moments that you want to make sure you don’t eat or drink anything while reading  so you don’t choke while reading. I really like it when Blayne torments Dee Ann who has been hired to guard her, but Blayne is not supposed to know.  Dee Ann thinks that Blayne is this empty-headed airhead, but in truth Blayne is smart just she is hyper active and basically has ADHD. She gets distracted easily.  I recommend Beast Behaving Badly and I give it 5/ 5 stars





swan and the bear

Book Description

         Publication Date:         December 15, 2011
Screw honey, this bear craves chocolate.
Mason, a true ladies man and a big teddy of a bear, is on a mission to protect the shifter community. Who is he to complain if that task requires him to guard FUC‘s tech wizard–a curvy mocha hottie who knows how to bring him to his knees.
Jessie has no patience for a bear who flirts every time he breathes. Despite his appeal, and smoking good looks, she refuses to give in to his charm. She can’t because this swan princess is already promised to another.
When an evil mastermind sets his sights on her, will one playful bear be enough to save her feathery tail from danger? And if Mason manages to steal her heart who will save him from her daddy–the not-so-nice swan king?
Furry United Coalition series order: -#1 Bunny and the Bear -#2 Swan and the Bear -#3 Croc and the Fox -#4 Lion and the Falcon -#5 Doe and the Wolf
If you loved Bunny and the Bear then you will absolutely love Swan and the Bear. It is a sexy, steamy, rolling on the floor laughing good time of a read. Eve Langlais never disappoints in delivering the humor in a story. Mason is a ladies man and flirts with every woman he sees.  He is on a mission to protect FUC’s tech geek from a criminal mastermind, and he don’t mind at all. Jessie loves working at the FUC headquarters, because it has nothing to do with her father the King of the Swans and nothing to do with being a Princess. When a big ol’Bear starts sniffing around she has to hold him off, for she is promised to another.
This is a really funny book it had me busting out laughing while my family was watching a show, and they had to shush me. I actually had to leave the room so they could watch their movie in peace. The sex scenes in Swan and The Bear were very steamy, that they had you wanting to take a cold shower afterwards. Eve Langlais really knows how to do character development and how to move the story line along smoothly.  I highly recommend this book and series to everyone. I give Swan and the Bear 5/5 stars.

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