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I have been having too much fun to write. Yesterday I chased off three cats who were in the backyard. That sure was fun watching them scatter. The squirrel has been pestering Cissy and me here lately. I went outside the other day to do my business and I was dive bombed by a crow and that blasted squirrel. I would have had both of them if I was not chained up, because I like to go exploring out of the yard. The squirrel likes to tease me by walking on the fence or hiding in the tree. If it would just stand still and let me play with it we would have so much fun. the squirrel always runs away.

Also when they let me back in the house they still will not share their food with me. Like the other day they had pizza and I wanted some and they would not let me have it. I begged and pleaded, and even tried talking earnestly with my master but she still would not let me have any. I also tried to see what she was drinking in her cup the other day and licked her straw and her sister caught me. They then started calling me a freak because I like to lick their straws. I have been having so much fun. I also was taken to the pet store to pick out some cookies, because we ran out. I don’t know who is eating them all but they have to quite. I have been terrorizing Cissy and it has been great. I constantly hide her toys and when she is not looking I steal her treats. Heh… Hehh.

Well it is time to go to bed and I just thought I would try to catch you up on some things. I will talk with you tomorrow. Charlie out.

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