That is all I hear lately is “Sorry Charlie.” I am just a curious pup. I want to see what everyone is doing, and if I want to join in with them. If they have food then they can share with me. Today all I want to do is stay warm and dry. It is raining outside and they want us to go out there and potty. No way, I will get wet, but they get mad at me and they put me to bed. It is not my fault that is raining.

I had to push Sissy out-of-the-way so she could not get my piece of chicken. After we ate we played a little and then laid on our bed and they put my sweater on me, because I was cold. I wanted to get off my bed and play, but they would not let me. I tried talking to them to let them know, but they would not listen to me. They were to busy watching a movie. I can not do anything. They treat me like a child. I just want to play.

Charlie do this. Charlie do that. Sorry Charlie. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie lay down. Don’t you growl at me. Go to your bed. Well I guess I will go to my bed, since no one will let me have any fun. So until next time Charlie out.



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