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A Satirical Romp through the Wall Street and Silicon Valley Swamps

Satire, Literary Fiction

Published: April 2020


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Would you sell your soul to a sociopathic hedge fund titan for tens of
millions in dirty cash? What about your sexy wife? What if it meant cozying
up to a neurotic and lecherous tech entrepreneur while risking your freedom,
and maybe even your life?

Snatch 2&20 is a satirical memoir parodying the author’s past
life as a hedge fund manager. It should not only be of interest to the fans
of the hit TV shows Billions and Silicon Valley, and books like The Wolf of
Wall Street and Liar’s Poker, but to anyone who wants an
insider’s take on the rotten core of our delusional plutocracy in this
second Gilded Age.

If you just say no to innuendo, then please enter with caution (as the
strumpet said to the stiff). But just remember that, in this case, the only
thing more offensive than the jokes is the truth they pillory- the
corruption of our financial elites and the system that enables them, the
ludicrous hype surrounding technology companies and their founders, and the
blatant hypocrisy of pretty much everyone. It is also, perhaps, one
man’s journey to find a grain of meaning in the castle of sand that is
his life.


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Praise for Snatch 2&20:

 “Snatch 2&20″ is a remarkable debut novel by Luke
Fellows and one I highly recommend. If you’re looking for an entertaining
escape and enjoy a little zing in your reads, this one scores off the charts
in originality, entertainment value and excellent writing. Well done…Among
the top stories I’ve read so far this year.” – Reader Views

“A raucous story told by a brilliant mind becomes something both
satirical and insightful in Snatch 2&20 by Luke Fellows…the novel
sings like a satirical sword cutting through the worlds of finance and the
realms of human folly, making Snatch 2&20 a timely caper that is both
amusing and insightful from start to finish.” -Self-Publishing Review.
4 stars out of 5.

“In this gloriously sardonic book…the descriptions and dialogue are
consistently pithy and snarky…Overall, this novel will be a riotous ride
for readers…Fast-paced and often hilarious fiction” – Kirkus

“Complex, witty, dramatic, thought-provoking, and filled with business
and social inspection…Snatch 2&20 is engrossing, unexpected, and hard
to put down…” -Midwest Book Review

“Snatch 2&20 is just wild enough to support its destructive,
incongruously wholesome conclusion…a clever, cynical novel about the
absurdities of capitalism and the people who prop it up.” 4 Stars out
of 5- Foreword Clarion Reviews.

About the Author

 Luke Fellows is a forty-something recovering hedge fund manager. Born in
London, and educated at St. Paul’s School and Oxford University, he
sacrificed his love of Classics for a Wall Street career, moving to New York
City in 2000. After a sojourn at Harvard Business School, he made the leap
to Silicon Valley, where, in 2008, he co-founded a technology-focused hedge
fund, retiring as soon as his partners could practicably get rid of him.
Despite his best efforts to escape the bubble, he still lives with his wife
and three daughters near Palo Alto, CA. Snatch 2&20 is the first novel
he is admitting to.


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