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         Publication Date:         January 7, 2014
Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other 20-something girls—with one tiny exception: they’re products of a backfired curse that has given each of them unique powers that make them, well, weird…
Celia’s a girl in trouble.  Her heart is bound to Aric, but he is a pure blood were who must deny her or risk condemning his species to extinction.  And that’s just her love life. She’s also been called to take down a group of demon terrorists looking to overthrow the paranormal world. (No pressure.)
In order to bring them down, Celia must ally herself to Misha, the master vampire who has made no secret of his desire for her.
And if that weren’t enough misfortune for one girl, a clairvoyant’s prediction could destroy Celia and Aric’s love for good. The only way to protect the world from unbridled supernatural terrorism is for Celia to bind herself to her destined mate. And that doesn’t appear to be Aric…
Cursed By Destiny is packed with a lot of action and humor. It will make you laugh and cry, with the sisters and everything that happens to them. It is very well written with well-developed characters and story line. Celia Wird is now living with Misha in his vampire compound after Aric decided to follow the orders to take a pure blood as his wife to help replenish the WERE population. Celia’s training with Misha’s bodyguards and others that protect him has made her a better fighter.  She also has to keep her guard up, because Misha keeps trying to get her into his bed.  She continues to go on missions to try to eradicate the Tribesmen, but now they now her name and they are coming for her.
When she is at her sister’s birthday party, one of the Tribesmen comes looking for her and the fight begins. Now they have to find out how the Tribesmen now her name and remove the threat. She is then poisoned at Misha’s , to where she is really possessive about Aric and if she can not have him then she does not want to live. They have to rid her body of the poison before she harms herself more. Then The vampire compound is attacked and Misha is severely wounded and is about to die, Celia tells him to drink from her. When he does he almost drains her. This invokes the marriage bond between them. So now Celia and Misha are now married. This part of the book has some funny parts in it, with her and Misha fighting about it. There is some other parts in the book that are really good, along with a special surprise at the end that will have you either jumping up and down or saying oh shit! All in all this is a great book and I give Cursed By Destiny 5/5 stars.


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