Well I had another episode where my blood pressure dropped this morning at around 3am and caused my to have pains in my chest. I don’t know what caused it this time, but I think it might be because my sodium levels are still low. I have not received my test results from my last blood tests, when the doctor had me come back in and have more blood drawn so he could re-test my sodium levels.

When my Grandfather’s blood pressure dropped one day and caused him to have chest pains, the nurse at the rehab center  told him to eat something salty and to walk around. So I put an aspirin under my tongue and then ate a pickle. By then my blood pressure was back to normal. I go the next month to the doctor for my check-up, and I will ask him then what would be the cause  of my blood pressure dropping. I did not take my blood pressure pill today because of it dropping like that. I will continue to monitor it to make sure that there is no other problems.

That was not a good feeling to wake up to. My mid-back was hurting when I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I got out my chest was starting to hurt. I automatically grabbed an aspirin out of my bag and put it under my tongue. My nephew was still awake and I let him know and he went and told my sister in case she had to take me to the emergency room. Everything was alright and the pain went away. Now I am just tired from the long day. it is getting late and I will talk with you later.

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  1. Not that I am a medical person, but are you discussing the asprin use with your doctor? Asprin is a blood thinner and can contribute to low blood pressure. Good luck, I know it is frustrating when they cannot find out what is wrong with you.

    • Yes I don’t take aspirin unless I absolutely have to. I had low sodium levels which can cause your blood pressure to drop.I am still waiting on the second blood test results to see if they came up any.