Music really does sooth the savage beast. I f you were here while my sixteen year old niece is playing Guild Wars 2 on the computer you would know why. She has a tendency to let out a few cuss words, OK  a lot. So now she listens to music on her head set and this helps with not cussing as much. It is kind of funny to listen to, because it is like the weather service announcement. You will have music and the all a of a sudden it is interrupted by a cuss word, then it is back to the music. What you have to understand is that when she was younger she was diagnosed with ASPERGER’S Syndrome.

The singing actually keeps her calm. She loves music and has a beautiful voice. I wish we had a voice coach here that could help here . She has been home schooled since she was about 9 or 10, because my sister took them out of the school they were going to  the principle actually told my nephew, her older brother that he was stupid and she did not want him in her school. Now both of these kids have very high I.Q.s. My nephew actually learned how to read at 8 months old, and wrote a report in the 2nd grade on a book about Neurology.

I wish I had a recorder to record my niece while she is playing her game , just so you can hear how the music really does sooth the savage beast. Before she started listening to music while she plays her games almost every word would be some type of cuss word. We would be saying, “Hey, _____ quite saying that word.”  We finally started to sound like a broken record. Now we make sure she has music on and we don’t even worry about it. Next I might have to tell you about some of our weird late night conversations. They live with us, and she is my roommate. Until next time. Good night.

My Sister loves playing Guild Wars 2, and she plays the game with her kids.
I went swimming today with my niece Jade, and I had a lot of fun.
THE FOCUS FACTOR.   Here lately I seem to have lost my focus. I cannot
It seems that after all the drama of my Grandmother's stroke is in the past


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