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Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts

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She’d seen one dead body too many…
Mia Alcott was in a whole crap load of trouble. The only witness to a horrific crime, she’s on the run, trying to figure out who she can trust and who is out to get her.
In come the Malones. They’re loud. They’re violent. They’re rude. And right now, they’re her only shot at survival
Of course, she has to survive living with them. She also has to resist her attraction to Alec Malone. It should be easy, considering he’s an arrogant, bossy ass.
But oh, what an ass he has…


He never should have agreed to take her in…
Alec Malone didn’t know what he was thinking. He wasn’t looking for a damsel in distress to protect. He had enough going on just keeping his brothers from killing each other.
She was cute. She was sweet. She was everything the Dom wasn’t attracted to.
So then why couldn’t he stop thinking about her?

Warning: Contains one wild, crazy family, a sweet and fiery sub and an arrogant Dom about to break all the rules.

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“Honey, you’re not yourself. And I’m not leaving you alone like this. So your choices are a shower with me then bed or I run you a bath and you have one while I shower then bed.”

Some choices.

She didn’t want to wait until the bath filled. “I want a shower by myself.”

“That wasn’t one of your options, now was it?”

Shit. His voice had turned to steel. And she was weak. Weak because she couldn’t resist when he used that tone.

“What’s it going to be, baby?”

“Please stop calling me that.” Because she couldn’t resist him when he called her that in that low tone of voice. As though they actually meant something to one another. As though they had some sort of relationship. When, in reality, she was just an obligation. A debt to be repaid.

Tears stung at her eyes and she blinked, shoving them back. Nothing good came from crying. She’d learned that.

“This is going above and beyond, isn’t it?” she asked. That fatigue was really hitting her now and it was making her feel melancholy. Because the only reason he cared about her was the obligation his family owed her cousin. No other reason. And while his brothers might be friendlier, she was still just a guest. When she left she’d just be a memory. Hell, mostly, they were more interested in her cooking than anything else.

But sometimes she could pretend she was part of this crazy family. It made her feel less alone.

“You’re really not with me, are you?” he murmured. “Okay, sweetheart, I want you to just relax. I’m going to make all the decisions right now and all you have to do is what you’re told.”

“You like to boss people around, don’t you?” she mumbled.

“It’s what I’m good at.”

With that, he pulled off his jeans.

She immediately slammed her hands over her eyes. “You have no underwear on. Why don’t you have any underwear on?”

“Mia,” he laughed. “Jesus, in all my years, me stripping has never made a woman cover her eyes and ask me about my habit of wearing underwear.”

Okay, so she got that her reaction was maybe a little childish. And probably more than a little insulting. But he was naked. Alec Malone, the man who centered in so many of her dreams was standing there naked.

And she . . . she was standing there in her underwear, covering her eyes like an idiot.

“This . . . I . . . shit.”

“Second time I’ve ever heard you swear,” he commented. “Not sure I like it.”

She removed her hand from her eyes, looking straight up at him. “Fuck.”

About the Author:
Laylah Roberts grew up in rural New Zealand. She worked her way through several libraries, devouring romance books. She finally worked up the courage to write her own story and she’s never looked back. She loves dominant, Alpha men who meet their match in her strong heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s busy running after her young daughter and trying to tame her never-ending pile of laundry.
You can find her here:
Twitter: @laylahR

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