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Contemporary Christian Romance

Date Published: April 27, 2019


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Kayden James may have missed out on her happy ever after. But, as a
successful marriage and family therapist, at least she can help other people
find theirs. Now that her career has taken off, Kayden is finally ready to
put the past behind her. . . until it strolls into her office unexpectedly
one day. The last thing Kayden needs is for her ex-boyfriend to stir up old
feelings. She’d rather stay a single cat lady than let him break her
heart again.

Liam has spent a long time living with one regret—letting Kayden slip
through his fingers. He’s determined to make amends for the way he
treated her all those years ago, but he’s finding it hard to melt her
icy exterior. If he can just convince her to trust him and see that
he’s changed, their love finally has a chance of coming full

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A combination of relief and confusion washed over Kayden while she
processed the information. Her brain registered a jumbled mess of
contradictory emotions ranging from sadness to anger to happiness.

Liam withdrew his hand. “That’s all in the past,” he
said, reaching for his burger. He took a big bite and stared off into the

“You said you work nearby. Where?”

“The University of Colorado. I teach computer science at their Denver

Kayden let out a low whistle. “I’m impressed. What’s your
area of expertise?”

“Database Management Systems.”

“Sounds complicated.” She finished eating her fries. “It
wouldn’t be my idea of fun, but I bet you find the subject

He grinned. “Not as fascinating as your job. In my line of work,
it’s extremely rare for a computer to get mad and storm out of the

Kayden gave him a playful elbow to the ribs. “Very funny.” Her
lips twitched, struggling to contain the laughter, until it burst out and
engulfed them. Soon they giggled like two long lost friends instead of
estranged exes.

Shane cleared away their plates. “Any dessert for you

“No, thank you,” Kayden answered.

“I’ve got this,” Liam replied as Shane slid the check on
the bar between them. He placed the money he extracted from his wallet on
the counter. “Keep the change.”

“Thanks. You folks enjoy the rest of your day.”


Liam followed Kayden out of the restaurant and into the sunshine, feeling a
little less guilt-ridden than when the day had begun. He stepped lightly and
inhaled the aromatic pansies blooming in one of the many large flower pots
dotting the sidewalk along the path to Elway Plaza.

He eased his sunglasses onto the bridge of his nose. While they walked, he
admired the captivating woman beside him and thanked God for the opportunity
to make amends for the way he’d treated her.

“This is my stop. Thank you for lunch.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I guess I’ll see you around.” She turned for the

“Wait!” He withdrew the wallet in his back pocket and pulled
out his business card. “Give me a call sometime. Day or

Kayden read aloud the name on the card: Liam Pierce, PhD.

He slowly stepped away, wishing he had a camera to capture her radiant
smile. “Goodbye, Dr. James.”

About the Author

Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

Cherry resides in the Mitten State with her husband of 19 years and a tabby
cat named Caden. A true Michigander, she points at the palm of her right
hand when telling people where she lives, drinks Vernors ginger ale when
she’s under the weather, wears shorts and a sweatshirt at the same
time, and measures distance in minutes, not miles. She also cheers for her
favorite football team, the Michigan Wolverines. Go Blue!

A confirmed night owl, Cherry wholeheartedly agrees with whoever said,
“I could be a morning person, if morning happened around noon.”
It’s no surprise then she prefers to write in the evening. She’s
a bit of a pantser writer, meaning she dreams up stories without using an
outline, so every day is an exciting adventure as she waits to see where the
characters lead her next!

A lifelong avid reader, Cherry turned to writing as a creative outlet.
Drawing partly from her own experiences, and partly from her wild
imagination, she weaves romantic tales with a smidgen of religion and a hint
of mystery. Cherry’s first novel, The Fearful Heart, debuted in 2014,
and she has never looked back. She continues to grow as an author, learning
more about the writing craft with each book.

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