Ladder 54 by Various Authors

Five Hot Firemen. One Scintillating Weekend of Anything Goes

Ladder 54

by Maren Smith, Raisa Greywood, Adaline Raine, Isabella Laase & Felicity Brandon

Ladder 54 reviews
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Five Hot Doms. One Sinful Weekend. Anything Goes.


The Dance Card by Maren Smith

It was a charity auction, the Crystal Cabin Club’s first ever Rent-A-Dom, and Rylee was bidding on nothing less than the love of her life. She had to cheat to win, but she got the Dom she’d always wanted. Now all she has to do is get past the guilt…

A Hero for Lauren by Felicity Brandon

He saved her once, but after Lauren wins a night with her fantasy firefighter, can Blake still be her hero?

Light Me Up by Raisa Greywood

Theo used to be Selene’s hero, but she doesn’t need one anymore, especially after he blew her off and moved across the country to get away from her. When she goes to Montana on business, she learns things about Theo that might make her change her mind about her childhood hero.

After escaping Greektown and his horde of well-meaning relatives, Theo is content in Big Banks, Montana. A chance meeting with a woman he’d left behind makes him rethink what he thought he wanted. Selene Alexiou fits none of his outdated stereotypes, but he wants her anyway.

When Theo and Selene meet for the first time as adults, chemistry isn’t the only thing sparking between them.

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Sparked by Deception by Isabella Laase

Identical twins Claire and Claudia Siracusa can’t afford to bid on two Doms at the kinky Crystal Cabin auction, so they pool their money to win the handsome, stoic Declan Kennedy with the intention of switching places without his knowledge. Declan’s clearly attracted to his latest submissive but when their deception is revealed, he has two problems to deal and a whole house of kink to explore.

Rekindled by Adaline Raine

Dakota Channing returns to the sleepy little town of Big Banks hoping to gather enough courage to explain to her ex-husband why she left, instead she bids on him at a charity auction. Now she’s won a night with a Dom, in all the ways she could imagine, and even in some ways beyond her wildest dreams.

Troy Channing didn’t expect his ex-wife to come back home for a event at the exclusive CCC cabin, or ever. Can he forgive the love of his life for abandoning their marriage or will they turn their legal separation into a divorce for good?

Warning: Contains intense BDSM scenes, anal play, spanking.

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A Hero for Lauren by Felicity Brandon

“I can’t believe this,” she admitted, as her hands grasped at his dark, luscious hair. “All of these years I’ve fantasized about you, Blake, and now.” She stopped, sucking in her breath.

“And now I have you,” he smiled, completing her sentence.

She nodded, excitedly. “I hope so,” she grinned. “I’ve kinda had a firefighter fetish ever since you carried me out of that burning building, Blake.”

He snorted at her answer, kissing her lips chastely as he moved forward on the couch. In a flash, they were standing, her thighs now gripping around his waist, and her hands clutching at his neck. There wasn’t even a sign of effort on his face, as he now stood holding Lauren in his arms.

“Oh!” she cried, the strength and power of Blake almost taking her breath away.

“I thought you had a ‘Blake’ fetish, Lauren, not a firefighter one?” His expression was drawn into a smirk, but she couldn’t help but laugh at that. He was right. A Blake fetish is precisely what she had.

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About the Authors

Maren Smith

Fortunate enough to live with my Daddy Dom, I am a Little, coffee whore, pain slut, administrator at my local BDSM dungeon, resident of the wilds of freakin’ Kansas (still don’t know how I ended up here) and submissive to the love of my life. An International and USA Bestselling Author, I have penned more than 120 novels, novellas and short stories, and am the author of the Masters of the Castle series.


Visit Maren Smith’s blog here:

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Felicity Brandon

Felicity is a #1 international bestselling, and award winning writer of dark, spanking romance. Head in the clouds, you can usually find her either plotting her next book, hitting the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music. She lives to write though, and is happiest creating desire and kink at her keyboard.


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Raisa Greywood

Raisa is an up and coming author of romance with a dark and naughty twist. Her heroes are sometimes flawed but always the alpha in the room, while her heroines are atypical and can take anything those bossy alphas dish out.

She is the winner of the 2017 “Ignite the Flame” contest sponsored by Central Ohio Fiction Writers in the Paranormal category. The one thing that Raisa most loves is tipping tropes on their ears and making fun of them. She also adores alliteration.

She’s lived all over the world but currently resides in the Midwestern United States with her husband, two irascible cats, and a big bay rescue horse.

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Isabella Laase

Cursed by a sarcastic sense of humor, Isabella works to blend her history loving, feminist side with the fantasy world of hot romance defined by the firm hand of a strong alpha male. Given choice within the confines of history and genre, strong women find balance in their lives while fulfilling their deepest sexual desires.

Isabella lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her very patient husband. Two tiny dogs complete the family and have learned to sleep under a laptop to gain any comfort from her side while she balances a job, political activism, and steamy spanking novels in the course of a single day.

“Writing is like playing in a virtual reality dollhouse. You can create any character you want within any world, time period, lifestyle, and personality. You can dress them, undress them, build conversations, relationships, heartbreak and romance.

You are only limited by your personal imagination.”



Adaline Raine

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