Sorry I have not posted anything since this morning. After I had gotten back from my physical therapy appointment,and doing some grocery shopping. I came back home and cooked Turkey chili for supper. I tried to surf the net while I was doing the cooking, but I was having some issues with the the internet.

After I finished eating and cleaning up, I tried again to and no luck. So here I am doing a quick post to let you know that I am having technical difficulties with the internet. Here lately it has been having these little lags, or as my niece calls them hiccups. We are going to have to call provider to see what is going on, and let them know I am not paying for air. We are are paying for a service and we expect to b able to get onto the internet when we need to.

WELL I better call it a night I have to get up early for a Doctors appointment for my shots for my knee. I have to be there by 9:15am. My sister is taking me in case they don’t want me to drive. My Mom Is taking my grandmother for her procedure.She is going in to have her heart put back into rhythm. They have been trying to figure out why she has been tired all the time and gives out walking long distances. They found out that her heart is out of rhythm, or called heart arrhythmias. So they have to stop her heart and restart her heart to get it back in rhythm. I will let you now more tomorrow.



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