How many books do you read in a week?

I was wondering just how many books most of you read in a week?  Now me, I can read anywhere between 4-6 books a week. THIS depends on how I feel and if the book is real interesting.   Sometimes I can even read a book a day. My friends and fellow associates at work joke that everyday they see me I have a new book to read. Sometime they are right.  Now my oldest niece and nephew read just as fast as I do. When they run out of books to read on their kindle , they will log on to my account and read a book from my library. They will even go in my room and look at the 600-800 books that I have in there that need to be read or I have read. Their taste in books run pretty close to mine. I actually taught both of them how to read pretty young. My nephew who is 20 learned how to read at about 8 months old,  my niece who is 17 learned at 4 years old. We later learned she had autism, which caused her dyslexia. Now she does not let that stop her with anything she wants to do.

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