I am new to the blogging and book review world.  I usually just read for pleasure, but here lately at work I have more people ask me for recommendations for books to read.   So I thought I would start my own book review blog.

At the moment I am reading Product DetailsSEANAN McGuire’s  “CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT”.  This is her seventh book in her October Daye Series.

I WAS GIVEN A COPY BY NETGALLEY FOR AN HONEST REVIEW. Book Description          Publication
Description Back to the beginning! Tired of fleeing from Wonderland, Calie and Violet begin to
Book Description          Publication Date:         November 19, 2013 TROUBLE HAS ARRIVED Elisa Cardoso longs for
Book Description  Publication Date:        August 31, 2010 ACROSS TWO EXTRAORDINARY WORLDS, TRUTH IS THE DEADLIEST
Book Description          Publication Date:         October 2, 2013 What happens when "happily ever after" has

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