grandmaJust an update on how my Grandmother is doing. She is still in Health South Rehabilitation Center. They are so under staffed it is unreal. Grandma’s rehab has taken a set back because the first time was she became dehydrated. She is still unable to swallow, and they did not give her enough fluids while she was doing her Rehab. So she ended up collapsing , while they were trying to get her to stand up. Now she has an infection, that has set her back again. The Doctor was telling us that they might have to discharge her around Dec. 22 because she was not showing enough of an improvement.

We stated that how can she improve when they neglect to make sure she is adequately hydrated, and then the staff does not make sure the conditions are clean enough that she ends up getting an infection caused by feces in the wound of her feeding tube. Now they are doing one on one  sessions with her with the therapists. The therapist that she really likes put muscle stimulator machine on her left leg , and her leg kicked up. He was really happy. He said that was the best he has seen in there at that facility. He asked my Grandmother if she could kick her leg up, and she told him to come closer and she would kick him. He replied that he would let her kick him if it would get her to walking. The therapist also told us he would talk with the Doctors in regards to her progress, so I have a feeling if he says she has to stay then they will probably have to keep her in there.

She is also talking a lot clearer to were you can understand her and hear her now. It is still going to be a long road to recovery. We just have to have patience and not wear ourselves out trying to care for her and my Grandfather.

It seems that after all the drama of my Grandmother's stroke is in the past
Today Grandma had a busy day. My Aunt made arrangements to have the lady who
At close to 2pm when my Mother was on the phone with my Grandmother to
I thought I would give you an update on my grandmother before I go into
Hello everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I just thought I would let everyone know that GRANDMA



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