Dr. Appointment Tomorrow


Tomorrow I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to get a second opinion on my knee. Last year I tore my ACL and MENISCUS. I also have no stability in my knee. This means that my knee can give away anytime I am walking. It is very painful and I seem to be missing more work because of it. TODAY I left work early, because it was swollen and could not put any weight on it. Last year when I went to another Doctor he wanted me to lose 50 lbs before he would do the surgery. Instead I gained some weight back that I had lost before I messed up my knee. So tomorrow I am really hoping that he will do the surgery. So wish Me luck, for I really need it. I will let you know what the verdict is after my appointment.

I am having knee surgery tomorrow. Finally after about 16 months of being in pain,
I received good news on Wednesday, I finally get surgery on my knee. I tore
Yesterday, I was blindsided right along with the rest of my work family. It seems

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