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Sci-Fi / Romance
Date Published: May 31, 2016

When Maya Smock writes her first novel, everything seems to go her way. Her book practically writes itself. She marries her gorgeous agent. Her name is on all of the best seller lists. Billionaire author Jay McCallister takes an interest in her meteoric rise to fame and invites her into his world of alien-believing celebrities. Her life changes forever when he tells her that they were both created inside of a laboratory. These authors are embedding an alien genetic code within the pages of their novels that originated from Nazi Germany because…
The time has come. They are here.

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Claude hung on every word. I told him about my dead-end job and how I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life.  As I talked, Claude periodically told me to hold my thoughts and then fetched us more drinks. I didn’t think I was drunk, but after five drinks within less than two hours I had to be. I leaned to the floor to give Claude my one copy of the manuscript and felt dizzy. “Maya, I’ve got to be honest with you. I don’t know much about science fiction, but I’m learning. And your work sounds so compelling. Our agency is looking to expand our genres. Maybe we could raid the mini-bar in my hotel room. You could tell me more about the book and how you plan on marketing it. Maybe I could even read a few chapters before it gets too late,” he slurred and then rubbed my leg with his hand. I should have been ecstatic that someone like Claude would even want to talk to me let alone be sexually attracted to me. But something deep inside would not be satisfied with a sexual adventure. I did not want to be someone’s receptacle for the night. I wanted to be heard. Whether it was psychological or physical, some kind of change was swirling inside of me. My persona was replaced with someone who would do anything to make it to the top. Ambition was now my god and I would pray for power to manipulate instead of good-old fashioned luck. Something clicked on the way up the elevator. For the first time in my life I knew that I was in charge of my destiny instead of destiny being in charge of me.  By the time we made it to Claude’s hotel room, he fondled my butt at least a dozen times. His message was clear. He wanted sex and the new me, the drunk me was prepared to give it to him, but I had wants, needs, and conditions that came before him. I had been used before, but not this time. Tonight I would take what I came here for.




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