DESTINY’S RULE: AWAKENING (4th Installment)2014

I hide in an enclosure made by trees that have fallen onto one another, making a space wide enough that I could hide in and not be seen. As the guardsmen slowly search the area, I pray to the Goddess that they do not find where I am hiding. If I can only make it to the caves, I will be a safe.

“Search the whole area! She cannot have gone far, if we do not bring him someone back…..” The Guardsmen scans the area.”Someone will pay for our failure.” The Guardsmen dismount to search the area thoroughly, leaving nothing overlooked.   The Guardsmen get closer to my hiding spot, thrusting their sword through the think brush around the base of the trees. Suddenly a sword tip rips through the top of my hiding place barely missing me. Another one comes through at a different angle, slicing my gambeson. I don’t make a sound, hoping the next one does not go through me. Nothing happens, and I hear them moving further away. I wait a little while longer, making sure that they won’t double back. I peek through the branches, checking to see if it was clear. No one is around and I quietly remove myself from my hiding place. I run towards the caves just on the other side of the clearing. I slowly approach the opening, calling out to  whomever is on guard duty know it is me and not one of the guardsmen.

“Sharra, you made it!” I am engulfed in a hug by my brother.

“Yes, but we need to move deeper into the cave.  There are Gaurdsmen on the other side of the clearing.” I keep my arm around him as I relay the news to him.

“We were waiting for you, everyone else is deeper inside.” I follow him as he moves deeper inside the cave.

The cave was actually an old abandoned mine, left behind after it’s riches had been taken from it. Calum and me explored every inch of this mine growing up hoping to find something that others had overlooked.

“Did Father and mother make it to the caves?”

“Yes, they are inside, helping with those that are hurt.” Calum ducks his head, barely missing the top of the entryway.

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