dragon%20and%20witchAs I skirt around the edge of the village, I watch as flames devour the houses of my loved ones and those that I call friends litter the ground and screams echo around me. I can only help those now who make it to the caves, and try to figure out why they are targeting me?

Why am I the one they are looking for?

Why do I have these voices in my head? I know I am not crazy!

I have no magical abilities, so I cannot be the one they are looking for. I have never lived anywhere else but here with my family.

“My dear Sharra. You are the one they are looking for, and you do have magic. You have magic beyond belief. You are the one who can find the Lost Kingdom.” the voice in my head explains.

No.! I am no one. I cannot be the one they want.” I scream silently to no one.

Yes, you are. Your true parents, who ruled the Lost Kingdom, had you secreted away during the mage wars. They knew you would be an important part to it’s future. They found the Nogard family and placed you with them. They then wiped the event from there mind and planted a false memory of your birth.”

“All this time my life has been a lie!” I sit down on a stump in stunned disbelief.

“No dear, It has been your salvation.” the voice in my head replies.

I hear rustling off to my right and I pull my sword, waiting as I slowly hide behind the tree behind me.

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