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Published: June 2018
Publisher: Ideopage Press Solution
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Follow a deck of playing cards from an Eastern Airlines flight in the 80’s, to where they are today.
The story that takes readers back through time, the characters and settings take a back seat in coach to the free deck of playing cards given to a young boy while flying to visit family. The cards will bind the characters and their unique stories in connections and hidden meanings, and in a way, bringing the cards to life. At times, the suits will be dealt on different continents, shuffled for various games, and held during worthy conversations. Unbeknownst to the young boy, his cards will fly first class all over the world and be involved in a great many things.
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About the Author

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David T. Straw was raised in Miami Lakes, Florida. He taught in the elementary classroom for 18 years in Broward County Florida and St. Augustine, Florida. After quitting teaching, he turned a passion for writing into a full-time profession. David has been writing since high school and used notebooks to let his imagination run. He lives in St. Augustine, Florida with his family and continues to write new projects.
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