Let me introduce myself, my name is Charlotte (Charlie) to my family. I am a mini yorkie. My master found me when I was 4 and a half months old and living on the street. Now I live here with two other dogs ,one is another yorkie and she kind of neurotic. I can be just walking by her and she goes all cujo on me. I don’t know what her problem is, but she seriously needs a chill pill. Then there are days that I am given a chew toy an she comes and trades it out with a crappy toy and I will have to try to get my toy back. It is like a battle every day at the house.

Today I was given a full body massage, and it felt soooo good I almost fell asleep. My master would hit the right spot and I would have to stretch my leg just a little more, just to make sure she got all the tight knots from being around the neurotic dog Sissy.  That massage really worked all the sore muscles loose, and feel great. The only thing I don’t like is they won’t let me eat everything that I want, like the food on their plate that looks really good. They make me go to my bed until they finish eating. That is just not right. They don’t have to go to their beds when I eat. Why do I have to go to bed when they eat? It is just not fair.

That is enough venting for today, I am going to go chase Sissy around the house. I am also going to hide her toys so she won’t find them. What, she does it to me.  Any  way back to having some fun. Until next time Charlie out. 🙂

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