CHARLIE    Hello everyone! The day starts off like every day. We get up and are let out to do our business, and come back in to eat. My master she gets ready to see her mom at the THERAPY place and help her out, and also take her father up there also. The master’s daughter she gets up and gets ready for work. I wish she didn’t have to go back to work. It as fun having her off for the time that she was with her injury. She played with me a lot. And I as able to sleep in he lap almost all day. Now I have to wait until someone comes home to play, or let’s Cissy  play with me. Then I have to be carefully that she might go all cujo on me.

Anyway the day started like any other day and we are let outside, when this squirrel comes flying out of the tree right on Cissy’s head. That as kind of funny because of the look on her face. It was a mix of “What hit me, and you are gonna die.” I was backing away from her and telling her that it was a squirrel while trying not to laugh. The squirrel was standing behind her just chattering away. Cissy finally looks behind her and how ballistic. She charges the squirrel and the squirrel jumps over her head therefore making Cissy have to stop and turn around . Me , I am just watching the show to see who will win Cissy or the squirrel. Cissy chases the squirrel all over the yard, and making me a little dizzy with some of their back and forth motions. When the squirrel finally gets tired of playing and zips up into the tree. Now Cissy is determined to get that squirrel and attempts to climb th tree and falls to the ground.

The squirrel just laughs at her even harder. This makes Cissy even madder. Then we are called in by our master’s. We go inside and eat, then we play until we get tired.  The squirrel was the most interesting part of the day, unless you count all the belly rubs that I received. Well I am getting tired so I am going to bed. Charlie out.

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  1. I think Charlie is adorable

  2. Charlie is adorable

    • Thank you. She was a rescue dog. My Mom found her in July on my birthday. She mistook her for my Sister’s dog Cissy. She was skin and bones when she found her. She is now a little chunk. She is my lap dog.