Well my friends, today was not a bad day. I did annoy my master a little bit when she let me out to go potty and she had to chase me down when I did not come when she called. I guess she did not feel good. So she put me to bed. Later in the day I made Jade (aka: shorty)  chase me all over the backyard trying to get me to go into the house. It was a fun game of tag. I would run around the plants and stop waiting for her and then I would run of toward the trailer. She was not wearing the clunky things on her paws, so it made it even better, she was getting her paws dirty. I would wait under the trailer for her, then she made a noise that scared me . I ran out from under the trailer to the shed, and I turned and looked at her, giving her my Elvis smile. “Why  did you do that?” look.

Then I run through a puddle and under a porch and around the yard again. Now really is giving me this frustrated look, and I am really in trouble. So I went to the backdoor myself, and I was begging, knocking on the door to be let in before shorty got on the porch.  Unfortunately I got a time out. Bummer. :>.<

When I finally got out of jail, I terrorized Sissy. Boy did I have fun. SSSSh, don’t tell Sissy that I stole her pumpkin. She will never forgive me, EVER!!!!

LATER THAT DAY……. I received a  massage from my master, boy did that feel really good. Then me and Sissy played tug with our toys. So now it is bed time. So until next time, Charlie out.





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