What are you reading?

Hello Book Junkiez!!!

I have a question for you.

What are you reading today?

Is it part of a series or is it a standalone book?

I guess I will go first. I am currently reading an advance copy of  Whisper of Shadows (The Diamond City Magic Novels) by Diana Pharaoh Francis.

War is coming . . .

When the FBI uses an anti-magic law to arrest and torture Riley’s boyfriend, they have no idea what hell they are about to unleash. If Riley can’t rescue Clay before he breaks, the result will be a disaster of epic proportions.

With time running out, Riley and her family must rely on two people more likely to stab them in the back than actually help. And, even if Riley manages the rescue, she’s still got to deal with two kidnappings and the return of her dad from the dead–the same dad who’d been willing to see her dead to protect his secrets.

What’s a girl to do? Kick ass, take names, and protect those she cares about at all costs.

“The characters and the world building are fantastic.” –Book Junkiez on Edge of Dreams

“Good pacing, a complex and layered plot, and intriguing characters illustrate why the author delivers such amazing reads!” –Jill Smith, RT Book Reviews on Edge of Dreams

“A kickass thrill ride with magic, sex, guns, and mystery.”–John Hartness, Bestselling Author of The Black Knight Chronicles on Trace of Magic

Diana Pharaoh Francis is the acclaimed author of a dozen novels of fantasy and urban fantasy. Her books have been nominated for the Mary Roberts Rinehart Award and RT’s Best Urban Fantasy.Whisper of Shadows is the third book in her exciting new urban fantasy series–The Diamond City Magic Novels.

This is book three in this series and I am so far really enjoying the story. For those that have not read anything by Diana Pharaoh Francis, she writes THE HORNGATE WITCHES SERIES, AND THE CROSSPOINTE NOVELS.

So now it is your turn to tell me what you are reading.

Soul Bound II: The Wounded by Jas T. Ward Publication Date: October 30, 2019 Genres:
Soul Bound II: The Wounded by Jas T. Ward Publication Date: October 30, 2019 Genres:
Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Date Published: 8/28/19 Publisher: Story Bound Publishing As I lay trapped
Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Date Published: 8/28/19 Publisher: Story Bound Publishing As I lay trapped

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I just want to wish everyone a great day and many more to come. I hope you are surrounded by the love of your family. For those that have lost someone around this time or has some one in the military over seas, I wish you love and peace in your heart. Loved ones are never really gone, but are still all around us. You feel them on the breeze, the whisper of the wind in the trees or the caress of the wind on your face. They are always in your heart. So Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Book Junkiez family.

Family, Relationships, memoir   A Bronx Boy's Tale details the life of the author as
Yesterday, I was blindsided right along with the rest of my work family. It seems
Here is to all the Fathers out there, HAPPY FATHERS DAY. I hope everyone had



A house full of grief!


I just thought I would do a quick post. Saturday, I lost my Grandmother. She was the heart and soul of this family. We will have her funeral tomorrow @10 am. I can’ t seem to stop crying. When I think I am done, a memory, song, smell, picture or phrase will remind me that she is with the Angels. As I write this I am crying. I will forever love you Grandma, and you will never be forgotten.

Today Grandma had a busy day. My Aunt made arrangements to have the lady who
Hello everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I just thought I would let everyone know that GRANDMA
Hello everyone!. I thought I would give you just a quick update. Grandma has over
Just an update on how my Grandmother is doing. She is still in Health South

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Passionate Pen Conference


This comprehensive weekend event is open

to any unpublished, aspiring writer, blogger, jotter, dotter

and published authors in any genre.

passionate pen


Blushing Books and Lazy Day Publishing are hosting a writer’s conference in the nation’s capital this summer. Come mingle at the Marriott Gateway for four(ish) days of social events and workshop sessions that will surely add something to your arsenal.


Workshop sessions are being developed with your response in mind and will guarantee to be led by one third Blushing Books staff, one third experienced authors, and one third outside professionals.


Registering is easy! Individual registration forms are required from every writer, author, staff, fans, friends, family or otherwise implied interested party for any and all parts of the conference.


Head over to the Passionate Pen website for the itinerary, lodging or other information.

Contact Bella for questions you still have after perusing the site.

The conference is not only for the authors.


You’ve been reading them for months, maybe even years.

The Passionate Pen is offering readers and fans the opportunity to meet Blushing Books and Lazy Day authors!

You may also book your room at the Marriott Gateway (if you aren’t their slumber party buddy) and stay the whole weekend at the same rate as the authors, with access to the events below.

Here is the link for the Marriott Gateway:



Be part of the conference opening and welcome reception.

Tickets are $40 and include nibbles and a drink. Registration is required.


Sit at a table and eat breakfast with your favourite author, or visit a few tables. Either way, you can be up close and personal. They’ll have some pretty lovely bits of swag, too.

Ticket are $40 and includes buffet breakfast. Registration required.

Book Description Publication Date: July 28, 2015 The next thrilling book in Jennifer Estep’s New
  BOOK DESCRIPTION PUBLICATION DATE: JUNE 16, 2015 Hell was hot, but the flames of
Book Description Publication Date: April 7, 2015 "If you love reading quirky humor, steamy scenes,

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Yesterday, I was blindsided right along with the rest of my work family. It seems that the store I work at has plumbing issues that require the store to be closed for 6 months-1 year. We did not have any warning at all. We were required to attend a meeting and we were told the news. Now we have to attend a meeting on Thursday or Friday to see if there is a spot for us at other stores. If we don’t want to be transferred,   we can opt to take the severance pay(if we qualify).

I am taking this news very well, but others are not. I look at this a somebody telling me that I need to do something different.  Recently I tried to apply for disability, because of my arthritis making it hard to sit or stand for long periods of time without a lot of pain. Unfortunately, I was denied, due to still working full time. I would have to only work 15 hours to get the benefits, but I would lose my insurance. Now I can re-apply and hopefully get the disability. Right now my employer will pay us for sixty days, or we transfer to another store, or take the severance package.   If I take the severance package, i can still file for unemployment until I get disability. My insurance will still be paid for the sixty days. Then I will have to find my own or I can pay for my insurance that I have now out of my own pocket through Cobra insurance. I just have to let them know when I get the notice in 44-days.


I was looking to do something else already. I have enrolled in a copy editing and proofreading class to make a career change. I will continue with my schooling until I finish. There was a reason I started all this before I got the news of the store closing. Maybe deep down I had a feeling or someone else was whispering to me to take these steps. I don’t know, but I am glad that I listened. Now I can concentrate on what makes me happy. The last year- year and a half, I was not happy with my work. I would wake up and dread going in. I usually love working with the public, but lately I dreaded going in.

Maybe, starting this blog has been my salvation, because it reminded me that I love to write. It has also given me more confidence in myself and my writing. I will keep you informed with any updates in my status. I love my work family and my blogging community family. You have all helped me through difficult times, and I deeply appreciate you all. God Bless Everyone.

This morning I was also given the news that my great aunt Gloria-Jean Braggs has passed away. I have fond memories of her and her family playing music at our family reunions. I always enjoyed their singing and playing.  My heart and prayers go out to them.

Pre-Launch event for Jayne Frost's GONE FOR YOU book release! The giveaway is a $100
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Since I have been off work, due to knee surgery, I have been contemplation a