“Inwardly, the king felt the tug of a greater concern: if Saebellus was not

defeated by Spring, perhaps the country would not survive.”



  • Book Title: Kings or Pawns
  • Series: Steps of Power: The Kings (Book I)
  • Genre: (Adult) High Fantasy
  • Release Date: October 1, 2015
  • Available [Free for Reviewers]: Ebook, Audiobook, Print (to USA/CAN)
  • Online Tour Dates: August 1 – 31, 2016
  • Featuring (All Online): Reviews, Giveaways, Contests, Art Reveals, and Grand Prize [One winner chosen randomly from those who read Kings or Pawns]
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8,994 P.E.—The elven city of Elvorium has become corrupted to the core by politics. With his father dead and the Royal Schism at his back, Prince Hairem ascends the throne as king of the elven world on Sevrigel. Young and bold, Hairem is determined to undo the council’s power, but the brutal murders by an assassin loosed within the city threaten to undermine the king’s ambitions.

As corruption and death threaten to tear Elvorium apart from within, the warlord Saebellus threatens the city from without, laying siege to Sevrigel’s eastern capital. With the elven world crumbling around him, Hairem finds himself in a dangerous political balance between peace and all out war.


I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest review.

Kings or Pawns (Steps of Power: The Kings Book 1) is a masterpiece! The characters and story line are very well-developed. With the old King dead and the Prince  Hairem taking the throne, he is shaking up the Council. Now there is an assassin now murdering the council . This is also going on as the same time as the war they are fighting in against warlord Saebellus. He is a threat to the city, and to the city Sevrigel. This is a fantasy series worth reading. If you love the Dungeon &Dragon series of books, this would be up there with them with names like R.A. Salvator, and Ed Greenwood. I loved this book and cannot wait for the next. I give KINGS OR PAWNS 5/5 STARS. Are we Kings or Pawns? You decide?

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