Black Light: Brave Release Blitz

Black Light: Brave (Black Light #16)
By Maren Smith
Published by Black Collar Press

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Release Date: March 11, 2020
Cover Reveal: March 4, 2020
Cover Design by: Eris Adderly
Go Live Price: 4.99
Genre: Contemporary BDSM

Ebook ISBN : 978-1-947559-19-6
Print ISBN : 978-1-947559-20-2

Teaser Blurb

It started with Piggy. It escalated with Kitty. It ends with Puppy.
For almost a year, Ethen O’Dowell has been locked behind bars and yet Puppy is far
from free. A legal ward of her parents, she shares her bedroom with Pony, the only part
of her old, submissive life that she has left… apart from the guilt, the fear, and the
weekly punishments Ethen dishes out every time they visit him. Escape is all Puppy
dreams about. Escape and somehow finding the courage to once more become the
person she used to be–someone who lived life on her own terms and never let herself be
afraid. Sadly, those days are long over, and as the old saying goes, there’s just no getting
them back again. Or is there?
It’s a dead night at Black Light when ex-military man Carlson Garvey decides all he
wants is a quiet drink and some downtime to practice his Shibari. What he isn’t
expecting is the petite brunette who plops down at his table, squeaks out a terrified
hello, and promptly flees again. There’s a story here and although he doesn’t know it,
Carlson doesn’t need to. He recognizes a broken soul when he sees one.
Sometimes the only thing a broken person needs is the right Dom willing to intervene.


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Excerpt – (Rated R)

Puppy was a cock worshiper if ever he knew one. Her eyes damn near glazed with
pleasure just in gazing her fill. When she reached for him, she did that sexy,
mini-orgasmic shiver thing again, and then the heat of her hand closed around his shaft.
She touched the head of him to her lips, and sighed. Soft and breathy, an expression of
pure longing that quickly evolved into something much more carnal as she took that
first taste.
His cock twitched at a touch from her tongue, a pulse of lust thumping in the
ever-tightening base as her tentative taste turned into a flick, then a slow suckling kiss at
the very head of him, before the full heavenly heat of her mouth engulfed him. He
refused to think about who taught her this. Combing his fingers into her hair, he simply
closed his eyes and enjoyed the magic as she explored him. From head to shaft to balls,
she stroked him with her hands and mouth, and her delightfully wicked tongue.
This was hard to hold still for, but he did it. Pants sagging around his thighs, he stood
like a rock—so fucking hard—while she turned her mouth into a willing sheath. She
almost got her wish too. The longer it went on, the more exuberant she became and the
closer he got to that point of no return. His hands on her head became less holding and
more restraining, and the minute twitches of his hips as she bobbed on his cock
devolved into jabbing thrusts.
He couldn’t help it. She wanted him to fuck her mouth, and he was more than happy to
let her take him to that point where he was helpless to do anything but comply. She
cupped his hips, opening her mouth, relaxing her throat, willingly choking on his cock
until her eyes teared and he had to stop. He had to, or despite his earlier edict, he’d have
cum on her tongue. The thought of watching as she then sucked him dry nearly took him
to his breaking point. He quickly pulled out of her mouth instead.
“Give me your ass,” he ordered.

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