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Cas lives in the lovely county of Hampshire, southern UK, where she was born. On leaving school she trained for two years before qualifying as horse-riding instructor. During this time she also learned to carriage-drive. She spent thirteen years in the British Civil Service before moving to Rome, Italy, where she and her husband, Dave, lived for three years. They enjoy returning whenever they can. Cas supports many animal charities and owns two rescue dogs. She has a large collection of cacti and loves gardening. She is also a folk singer/songwriter and is currently writing and recording nine folk-style songs to accompany each of her fantasy books. You can listen to and download all the songs from her website: 
See the video of her performing live at the King’s Envoy book launch here:

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Pure evil rises once again in Albia…
The Scarecrow cover
Three years have passed since Baron Reen’s trial. A
terrible accident on the island of his exile has transformed him into a
nightmarish scarecrow creature with dark, mysterious powers. Staging his own
suicide, Reen breaks free of his prison and, with the help of the former queen
Sofira, embarks on a ruthless quest for vengeance against his worst enemy, the
woman responsible for the overthrow of his schemes and his own ruination:
Brynne Sullyan.
Sullyan is tasked with investigating Reen’s suicide.
The missing body and a series of disasters in Port Loxton—a vicious murder, a
brutal ambush, and a devastating fire—raise suspicions in her mind. She probes
deeper, determined to uncover the truth, unsuspecting of the evil that’s about to
be unleashed…

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Q & A With the Author:
1.     When did
you write your first novel?
have been writing stories and poetry since I was a child, but my first novel
wasn’t written until I was in my late twenties. It was a children’s adventure
novel and its main characters were unicorns and other mythical forest dwellers.
I was very proud of it but, unfortunately, unforeseen events in my life meant
that I never finished it. I do still have it, however, and may revisit it one
day and bring it to a conclusion!
2.     What
drove you to write / why did you become an author?

I was driven to write because I loved creating different worlds to
escape into. I did it to release tension in my life or as a form of escapism.
My writings were never meant for others to see, although I did show some of my
poetry. I never intended or thought I would ever become an author, but one day
when I was bored, I started writing out a little scene I’d had in my head for
years. That simple act seemed to open a floodgate in my mind, and that innocent
little germ of an idea became my triple-trilogy fantasy series, Artesans of
Albia. So – writers beware!
3.     How do
you create your characters?
create my “good” characters to be people I’d love to be, or to spend time with.
None of them are based on anyone I actually know, although King Elias from my
Artesans novels is based on English actor Sean Bean’s portrayal of soldier
Richard Sharpe from the Bernard Cornwell “Sharpe” TV series. My “bad”
characters are also drawn mainly from my own imagination, rather than being
based on real people. Some of their names, however, are inspired by people I
don’t like!
4.     What is
one thing you love about Fall / Autumn?

In England, the feeling of the air is often softer and mellower than at
other times of the year. We can get energizing, chilly bright mornings that
soften into warmer sunny days, ending with beautiful sunsets – that is, when we
don’t get the remnants of US coast hurricanes, that is!
5.     Who is
the person or group of people that most support you in your writing?

I really couldn’t pick one person – everyone I know has been supportive
of my writing, even if they don’t read or appreciate the fantasy genre. From my
family to the far-flung friends I have made through being an author, no one has
been less than encouraging and helpful. I guess I’m very lucky – I’ve never had
the bad experiences that I’ve heard some authors complain of.
6.     What is your favorite Halloween Memory?


                Halloween in England is not the festival it
is in the US, although we are beginning to adopt some US activities. Guy Fawkes
Night, November 5th, was always more exciting because of having fireworks,
making straw “Guys” to put on the bonfire, and begging “Penny for the Guy”
around the neighbors. Recently, many English villages have begun to have
scarecrow competitions around Halloween, and we have entered these in our
village. Everyone gets very inventive, and they are great fun. My best creation
so far was “Guy Dog”!


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