A father’s promise.

 Is a promise made to his children.

That they will be loved no matter what.

A father’s promise.

 Is a promise that no harm will come to them

in the coming days ahead.

A father’s promise.

Is a promise that is first made

when his children take their first breath,

as tears slowly roll down his cheek.

A father’s promise.

Is a promise that they will never

be alone when he is gone.

For he will always be by your side

and in your heart.

For you can always see his promise

written in the sky and whispered in the wind.

A promise made that they will be loved in the end.

For a father’s promise is not made lightly.

It is made from the heart and soul.

So remember to love thy Father.

For he will never break his promise,

but to continue to love you until time had no end.


Jennifer Reed

  I received this book from NETGALLEY.COM for an honest review. BOOK DESCRIPTION If Vivian’s
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I was given this book by Net Galley for an honest review. Book Description         
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