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: May 2019
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Engelman-Fischer was murdered, or did she just disappear. The Engelman’s, a
rich and powerful family resided in a mansion in Upstate New York. Once married
to Philip Fischer, Katrina found herself in a small town in Tennessee without
the wealth of her birthright. After the death of their parents, Kirtland, the
brother of Katrina, took over the powerful position in the Engelman household
and became heir to the mansion on the hill and the head of the Engelman
businesses. As the Fischer grandparents could not afford to provide for them,
it would be Kirtland Engelman who would be contacted to take in the Fischer
children after Katrina’s disappearance and the death of her husband Philip.
a cradle of love into a cold, unfeeling environment, Tyler, and Alyssa where
transported to live with their Aunt and Uncle Engelman, whom they had never
this household lives the son of the Engelmans; a spoiled monster by the name of
Barstow whose one purpose in life is to make the life of his cousins miserable.
Barstow does everything in his power to discredit his cousins and manages to
make them feel inferior to him.
as the saying goes, “People in glass houses…” There are many skeletons that
will come out of the closet and murders that will need to be solved.
and Tyler continue their dispute well beyond their teenage years leading many
to wonder if Tyler is behind Barstow’s disappearance, but when all is said and
done, surprisingly the Aunt and Uncle stand behind their niece and nephew as
they fight for their life and reputation.
suspenseful mystery will have you on the edge of your seat as you become privy
to all the shameful offenses happening in this family.
the Author

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Tischendorf (J. B. Tischendorf) was born in Philadelphia, spent her adolescence
in New Jersey and graduated from Fulton High School in upstate New York.  She lives with her husband in the suburb of
Irondequoit in Rochester New York.
Juanita has written several works of nonfiction books that include “Who
Says I’m Small”(Reprinted as “Over My Head”), “The Madman, The Marathoner”,
“Til Death Do Us Part?” (Reprinted as “Don’t Look Back”), “An UnFair Advantage
(A Murder In Oklahoma)” and “The Selfie, (Adolescent/Teen Girl Self
Development)”.  She released her first
fiction book “Body of Evidence” in 2016, followed by “Playground In My Mind” in
2017 and “Love Will Find A Way” in 2018.
Juanita completed a writing course at the University of Washington, have
taken James Paterson masterclasses and one with Martin Scorsese.  Juanita is a member of the Writers Guild of
achievements and awards include a career profile by Rochester’s “About Time
Magazine, and a taped interview by the Syracuse NY cable TV  for “Successful Women in Upstate New York’’
segment.  She appeared on the WOKR-TV
program entitled “Shades of Gray”, received the 2003 Editor’s choice award for
outstanding achievement in poetry and is listed in the 1991 edition of “2000
Notable American Women”.


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