Al gets the last word

Dark Fantasy, Fantasy/Paranormal Romance The Masks of Under, Book 1 Publisher: Limitless Publishing Release Date:
Story of Us Love Unexpected Series, Book Three by Jody Holford Publication Date: March 18,
Worthy Battle, Book 1 Christian Inspirational Fiction Published: April 2018 Philip Bones — living proof
Fable Ranger, Book 2 MG Fairy Tale, MG Fantasy Published: February 2019 Publisher: Dingbat Publishing
Children's Book Date Published: July 2018 Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing Once in a Forest is


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  1. Cool noodles…. I didn’t do WWNN – I burned out on the series. But it is good to see that there is a bit of a endy thing out there for those who didn’t burn out on the series! 😉