A Fur Baby Needs Surgery

sissy heart

Hello, everyone.

I am coming to you to ask for help for my Sister’s dog Sistinas (Sissy). She was a dumpster baby. She was found by the dumpster and she was not very old. I think whoever threw her away, thought she was dead at birth. She was found and has a happy home. She recently tore her miniscus and also has a luxating patela. When this happened, she was in a hurry to exit our Mom’s travel trailer. Before my Sister could pick her up, she fell off the steps. Sissy is a very active dog and there is no way we can keep her off her leg. It is over $1600 dollars for the surgery. There is no way for her to pay for the surgery at this time. Here is the Go Fund Me Page for Sissy.


Thank You

Jennifer Reed

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