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The Order of the Fallen Blitz

The Order of the Fallen banner


The Order of the Fallen cover



Date Published: Jan. 24, 2022

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

Achaiah knew the dangers of falling to earth for the love of his human, Nev. When Nev falls for her guardian angel, Achaiah, she is unaware of the danger that their love puts her in. That’s why fallen angels have one rule: Never fall in love with a human.

About the Author

Jacqueline Marinaro

Jacqueline Marinaro began her career as a therapist and college educator. Graduate school couldn’t stamp out her love of creative writing, however. Much to the chagrin of her husband, graduate school also only furthered her ability to constantly ask, “how does that make you feel?” Jacqueline lives in Florida with her wonderful husband and sweet little boy, where she enjoys the beach, reading, writing, and of course delving into the feelings of everyone she meets.

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Shadow of the Shapeshifter Blitz


Shadow of the Shapeshifter cover

Book One of the Vanquish Trilogy

YA Fantasy, Fantasy


Date Published: March 31, 2022

Publisher: Kingsbrook Publishing


Two strangers in the wrong place at the worst possible time…

.a lone assassin prepared to do the dirtiest of jobs…

and a guard sentry determined to stop him.

A dark enemy is about to rise in Illmoor, something even more chaotic and twisted than the citizens themselves. Step forward Enoch Dwellings, master sleuth, who boasts a reputation built entirely on an intricate web of carefully calculated lies. Together with his hapless but increasingly inept assistant, Doctor Wheredad (no medical training whatsoever), he will do anything it takes to solve a crime that might actually end up costing him more than his own life.

Shadow of the Shapeshifter tablet, mobile, paperback

About the Author

David Lee Stone

Between 1998 and 2016, David wrote fantasy and YA books for some of the biggest publishers in the world. These included The Illmoor Chronicles (for Disney and Hodder), Gladiator Boy and Undead Ed (for Hodder and Penguin), Davey Swag and Outcasts (for Hodder). His books have been converted into audio works for BBC Worldwide and Random House and translated into fifteen different languages by companies including Sony in Japan. David’s short stories have also appeared in a variety of anthologies, including the celebrated Knights of Madness (with Terry Pratchett, Tom Sharpe, etc) for Orbit and Penguin, edited by the late and great veteran fantasy anthologist, Peter Haining. David has also written review columns for Interzone and SFX and fictional histories for Games Workshop and their Warhammer universe.

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The Cross of Ciaran Audibook Tour

The Cross of Ciaran banner


The Cross of Ciaran cover

 The Cross of Ciaran Series, Book 1

Paranormal Time Travel Romance

Date Published:  January 25, 2022

Publisher:   Tantor Audio

Narrator:  Liam Gerrard

Run Time:  9 hours and 18 minutes


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When a pagan priest is unearthed in Ireland 1,500 years after being
entombed, archaeologist Caitlin O’Connell is convinced it’s the find of the
century. The body is in perfect condition. In fact, if scientific data
hadn’t proved otherwise, she would swear he hadn’t been interred more than a
few hours.

Caitlin accompanies the body back to the New York museum where she’s
employed, but before she has time to study him, the priest disappears.
Rumors surrounding the event begin to circulate.

After being buried alive for betraying his goddess and his priesthood in
the dawning age of Christianity, Ciarán wakes to a strange new world.
Alone and frightened, he seeks sanctuary within the church walls. With the
help of the parish’s pastor, Father Mike, Ciarán grows accustomed to
his surroundings. But an immediate danger lurks on his doorstep.

Caitlin is determined to get to the bottom of the missing Celt, and when
she meets her Uncle Mike’s new handyman, Ciarán, she’s convinced he
knows more about the theft than he’s letting on. Yet, even she can’t deny
the attraction between them. But will Ciarán’s secrets draw them
together or shatter their future?

The Cross of Ciaran tablet

 About the Author

Andrea Matthews

Andrea Matthews is the pseudonym for Inez Foster, a historian and librarian
who loves to read and write and search around for her roots, genealogical
speaking. She has a BA in History and an MLS in Library Science and enjoys
the research almost as much as she does writing the story. In fact, many of
her ideas come to her while doing casual research or digging into her family
history. She is the author of the Thunder on the Moor series set on the 16th
century Anglo-Scottish Border, and the Cross of Ciaran series, where a
fifteen-hundred-year-old Celt finds himself in the twentieth century. Andrea
is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Long Island Romance Writers,
and the Historical Novel Society.

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The Prequel Blitz

The Preque banner


The Prequel cover

The Phoenix Force Series Book 1

Covert Ops/Special Ops/Former Military

Date Published: 28 January 2022


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This Special Ops Force Series has one big difference…

The members are ALL kickass females.

They each have a reason to seek vengeance.

They will cut through the frustration of red tape.

Together, they will deal out justice for the victims and find it for

Together, they are PHOENIX FORCE.

This is the first book in the series introducing the team.

12 Books

11 Authors

An all-female special ops team.

Ladies who will rise from the ashes of their pasts to right a few

Start at the beginning…

Meet the characters, who together, form a formidable team known as

About the Author

Susan Horsnell

USA Today Bestselling Author and International Best Selling Author –
Susan Horsnell writes in many sub-genres of romance, sweet and steamy,
under her own name and two pen names-Susan R. Horsnell (Steamy Romance
Only) and Bestselling Author – Olivia Ellen Turner (LGBTQ+ Romance).

Strong social themes are a feature and her experiences as a nurse and
Naval wife play a big part in many stories.

She grew up in Manly, NSW, Australia and has travelled Australia and the
World on postings with her Naval Officer husband of 47 years.

She lives with her husband, and fur baby – Gemma-Jean, a
one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, in a small village in the mountains in
Queensland, Australia.

Since retiring a nursing career of 37 years, she has been able to indulge
her passion for writing.

The family enjoys travelling the country with their RV when not at home

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The Layover Teaser Tuesday

The Layover banner


The Layover cover

Contemporary / Gay Romance

Date Published: 4/1/22



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Inside the cockpit, Captain Paul Miller is always in control. But on the
ground, he constantly feels adrift. His marriage is crumbling, and life has
become much too complicated.

Jamey Conley has worked hard to make his café in the Frisco airport
a successful venture. He loves his work – and especially the airport
scenery. He goes gaga over guys in uniform, but when he meets Paul, sparks
really fly. Too bad his ideal man is married — and straight.




“Paul?” Jamey came running up. “My friend called. He
can’t make it. Can I share a taxi with you?”

Almost as if it were fate, a cab pulled up at that very moment.

No! “Sure.”

Paul slid across the leather seat, and Jamey followed him inside.

The driver turned sideways, and looked over his shoulder. “Where

“Gateway Suites,” Paul said.

The cabbie nodded, and started to turn away.

“Wait.” Paul looked at Jamey. “Tell him where
you’re going.”

“Gateway Suites.”

“No.” Paul shook his head. “No, he’s not going
there. No.”

“I’m going to the Gateway,” Jamey insisted.

The driver snorted derisively. “I’m not getting in the middle
of a lover’s quarrel. You wanna get out here, or go to the

“The Gateway,” Jamey said.

Paul swore under his breath. The cab pulled away from the curb.

Paul tried to keep his voice low. “What kind of game are you

“I don’t play games, Paul.”

“Then stop acting like a kid,” Paul said in a hoarse whisper.
“I don’t want to fuck you.”

Jamey’s eyebrows shot up, and hid themselves under a lock of caramel
hair. “Who said anything about fucking?”

The driver turned with a big grin on his face.

“Keep your eyes on the road,” Paul yelled, before facing Jamey.
“Damn it, keep your voice down.”

“But now that you mention it…” Jamey cupped Paul’s
crotch, and rubbed.

Paul intended to push him away, but Jamey’s lips were so close to
his. One heated look and they both knew what was coming. Their lips met as
if magnetized and it was magic.

Jamey’s mouth was so warm, so soft, much softer than Paul had
imagined, and he opened his mouth with a low moan. Jamey slipped his tongue
inside. It was just like the movies. Time stopped. Everything disappeared,
even the nosy driver. It was just him and Jamey. Until they pulled

Paul sighed. He drew back and studied Jamey’s face. Jamey stared
back, his feelings showed plainly on his face. He was thrilled beyond words
to be the recipient of Paul’s affection.

Damn, damn, damn. Paul was completely unprepared for the feelings that kiss
stirred in him, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. He feigned
a disgusted look and shook his head. “Sorry, Jamey. I had too much to
drink tonight. You’re a great guy, but I’m not gay.”

Jamey’s happy expression faded. “You know what I think,
Paul?” Jamey moved away. “I think you’re lying. To me. And
most of all to yourself.” Jamey tapped the driver on the shoulder.
“Take me to Dartmouth Street please.”



The Layover teaser

About the Author


Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her
nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and

Some things never change.

Follow the Publisher on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @changelingpress

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