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The Heavy Side Blitz


The Heavy Side cover




Date Published: 11-16-2019

Silicon Valley Tech meets The Cocaine Trade.


Can you program yourself into a winner?

In the San Francisco Bay Area, tech innovation is King, and money is God.

Vik Singh watched his immigrant parents work their fingers to the bone chasing the American Dream. But standing at his father’s funeral, he realizes one thing – hustling will get you nowhere. All you need to get rich is one big idea.

And when he meets Los, a small-time drug lord with visions of grandeur, Vik makes a plan worthy of Jobs and Zuckerberg:

Design a drug sale app.

After all, market disruption is everything.

From his comfortable cottage in Lake Tahoe, Vik writes the code that builds a cocaine empire. When his app attracts an infamous drug cartel leader, it seems like a natural expansion move. And for a while, life is Swiss bank accounts, luxe coke parties, and falling in love with Remi, a beautiful and ballsy woman with secrets of her own.

Then he discovers he is being watched.

The DEA is closing in, the cartel is getting suspicious, and he can trust no one. As things heat up, Vik discovers the real price of easy money.

And that price could be his life.


If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, and Dark Mirror, this is the book for you. Get your copy right now!

About the Author

Ben Rogers

Ben Rogers is the author of the novels The Flamer and The Heavy Side. His work has been published in The Rumpus, PANK, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Portland Review, Arroyo Literary Review, The Nevada Review, and Wag’s Revue, and has earned the Nevada Arts Council Fellowship and the Sierra Arts Foundation grant. He is also the lead author of Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems, the first-ever comprehensive textbook on nanotechnology, and Nanotechnology: The Whole Story, both of which earned the CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award from the American Library Association. He studied engineering and journalism in college and has worked as a business analyst, a newspaper reporter, a teacher, and a scientist at various labs, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is currently the Director of Engineering at NevadaNano. He lives in Reno with his family.

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Aspen: A Love Story Tour

Aspen: A Love Story banner

Aspen: A Love Story cover




Date Published: eBook March 4, 2021 – print May 4, 2021

For two unlikely strangers, the snow swept mountains of Aspen remind us all that love and luck thrive on uneven ground. While newly widowed Mark stews in the shadows of success and loss, conservative Susan shoulders a weight of uncertainty from her romantic past. Can a single dinner for one change the course of fate? Can these starkly different individuals reconcile their own demons enough to see eye to eye? The scene may be right–but what of timing? In the heart of Colorado, under the watchful eye of the majestic Rocky Mountains, visionary Mark and stubborn Susan share a dance of swirling emotions that can only lead to something explosive. Suddenly, without meaning to, they set themselves down a path of self reflection–and personal reconciliation. Will Mark and Susan be able to overcome their own personal ideals and misgivings leading them to palpable passion? Even in the cold mountain town of Aspen–the flames of fervor flicker brightly.

Aspen: A Love Story tablet




The doorbell is ringing. Why do people want to bother me on Sunday mornings?

“Jackie, can you answer that please? I just got out of the shower,” I yell from the bathroom.

“Mom, it’s for you,” she says, from outside the bathroom door.

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know—some man. He has a delivery.”

“Just sign for it.”

“He says he has to give it to you.”

“All right, tell him I’ll be there in a minute.”

I throw on some clothes. My hair is a wet mess. I go to the door and there is a young man holding a long thin box. 

“What can I do for you?” I ask.

“Are you Susan Green?”


He hands me the long box. “This is for you from Marc Gray. He would like you to join him today for lunch at one pm at the French Alpine Bistro on Hopkins. I am supposed to wait for your answer.”

I open the box, and it is a single, long-stemmed, red rose. “Thank you, but tell Mr. Gray that I cannot make it.”

“Very good, then he would like you to join him tomorrow at noon at the Spring Café on Spring Street.”

“I am busy; I can’t make it,” I respond.

The delivery guy is looking a little frustrated. “Then Marc Gray would like you to meet him at noon on Tuesday at the Pyramid Bistro on Main.” 

“How long is this going to go on?” I ask, with a brief smile.

“The instructions have twelve different scenarios; I am to run through all of them until you say yes.”

Amusing as it would be to make the guy go through all twelve, it would not change the fact that Marc is showing real determination to speak with me.

About the Author

A hopeless romantic since the teenage years T. K. embarked on several relationships only to find emptiness in the end. Finally, the last of those relationships bore the fruit of true love, and after many years they are still together more in love than ever before. These relationships, along with a diversified work background, have provided T. K. with vast knowledge from which to draw upon for character and story development. T. K. has a passion for good food and great wine while enjoying a really good love story. T. K. and family – which include two very spoiled cats – live in the Southwestern US.

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Concrete Clockwork Blitz



The Philanthropist, Book 1



Published: March 2021

Ex-military operative Lottie Nightshade is enjoying civilian life helping her widowed sister raise three teenagers. When a last-minute job interview turns out to be blackmail, her peaceful days are over. Lottie is given two choices, and the least deplorable of them is doing wetwork for an eccentric millionaire.

Philanthropist Dane Harrington has no option but to blackmail Lottie Nightshade. Dane was contracted to terminate a bomber who threatened to level a new arena in St. Paul, Minnesota. The stakes are too high to trust the time-critical mission to anyone but a skilled operative, and Dane knows Ms. Nightshade will not do the job willingly.

When the bomber realizes he’s been targeted for extermination, the hired killer is already closing in on him. The only way he’ll live to trigger the arena’s destruction is by stopping Lottie Nightshade.

Lottie feels the bomber’s cold stare watching her every move as the timer ticks closer to detonation. When he sets off a series of explosions and people begin to die, Lottie realizes she may need to give up her own life to end the bomber’s.


Loud ringing jerked Lottie out of her dream. The papers on her chest slid onto the bed as she sat up and looked around for the source.

The sound came from her backpack. One of her burner phones? Lunging for the bag, she dumped the contents on her bed and picked up the live one.


Is this the woman who handed out pictures of the old man?” The female voice sounded jittery. “I have information for you, but you have to meet me right now.”

Lottie stood; the phone pressed to her ear. It had to be one of the hotel or restaurant staff she’d given Balfour’s photo to.

Can you just tell me…”

You promised money.” Was she crying? “Meet me at the RestRight motel downtown, room 528. I need the cash. Right now.”

Okay, I’ll meet you, but not there.” Lottie checked the time. 9:15 PM. She couldn’t risk losing the contact, but she wouldn’t walk into a trap. “No hotel, though. Meet me inside the train station on Kellogg. You know where that is?

The woman sucked in air three times “Um, yeah, okay, where?”

Inside the front door, to the left side there are bathrooms. The women’s room. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Hurry. Please.” She ended the call.

Lottie jumped off the bed and used her phone to call the security team. “I need a car. Right now.” She grabbed the tactical bag with her phones and guns, the rucksack with her disguises, and the cash Harrington had given her, and stuffed it all into her backpack.

Got it.” A woman’s voice. “Head west down the alley to the fourth garage after yours, the one with the green lightbulb.”

I need a body cam and comms.”


She relayed the meeting place. “Get a team there now, the security crew. Low profile but armed.”

Already on their way.”

She ended the call. Harrington’s team knew exactly what was happening. Did they listen in on every call she made and received?

Why hadn’t Harrington told her? Why hadn’t she realized that earlier? She should have known he’d keep her under a microscope.

Lottie stopped and breathed for a minute, checking off everything she needed to bring, everything she needed to do. Walking toward the root cellar exit, she dialed Harrington’s number on one of the disposables. After their confirmation routine, he asked, “Yes?”

I got a tip off one of the photos. I’m going to meet her now.”


Lottie gave him the info as she walked down the dark alley toward the green light.

Your body cam, they’ll feed it live to me. I have to jump.” Harrington ended the call.

Lottie stepped into the open side-door of the garage. Stone held a small device which he attached to Lottie’s waistband. “When you enter, turn full-circle to scan the room so we get the lay.” He tipped his head. “I didn’t need to tell you that, did I.”

Lottie held back a smirk.

A woman approached. “Earpiece.”

Lottie put the tiny speaker in her ear and held out her hand. “Car fob.”

Lottie slid into the driver’s seat of the pantyhose-colored car and rolled down the window. “What’s the team’s 20?”

Five minutes out.”

The garage door rolled upward.

Stone leaned close. “We’re right behind you.”

Lottie shifted and drove out of the garage. She needed to go. Fast. Before the caller had a chance to change her mind.

As she raced along side streets, she tucked a gun into her waistband and one in her boot. She put a disposable phone in her pants pocket.

She pulled into a Security Only parking spot in front of the station and walked up the steps to the huge front doors. Running through her prep, she cleared her mind, and pinpoint focused.

Stealthy at the front door.” Stone’s voice in her ear bud. “Caller already in the designated room.” The woman was here already.

By the time she stood outside the women’s room, she was a rock. She pushed the door open and put her foot out to stop the door from closing. She looked behind it. Nothing.

On the far side of the room, a short woman with dark, shoulder-length hair gestured Lottie into the room, her movements jerky, her eyes wild, red, like she’d been crying. She wore a baggy t-shirt and shorts, flip-flops on her feet.

Lottie went on full alert. “Pull up your shirt, turn in a circle. All the way up to your neck.” Lottie needed to check her for explosives and weapons.

She did as she was told, stumbling once, then froze and stared at something.

Around again, please. Slower.” She performed the turn again. Her shorts were too tight to conceal anything. “Pull up your hair now and turn again.” She was clean.

Turning her body, Lottie let the camera see what she was looking at. Two toilet stalls, empty. Further into the room, two sinks on one side and on the other wall a plastic baby changing table that held a small, propped-up tablet.

No window, drop ceiling, the flimsy kind.

Lottie stepped into the room and let the door close behind her.

You called me?”

The woman stood in front of the changing table looking at the tablet. She nodded, not looking at her.

Tell me what you know.” Lottie kept her voice soft to calm the woman.

He.” The woman pointed to the tablet, her hand shaking.

Shit. Was she saying the man in Lottie’s photo was someone online? This would be a waste of time. Lottie spoke slowly. “Where is the man?”

I’m here Lottie.” A deep male voice. From the tablet.

Chills ran down her spine.

Concrete Clockwork phone

About The Author

Laura Breck

I’ve written more than 40 books in my career, and I’m very excited to have a new pen name, and a new genre – Suspense! My hot new series, The Philanthropist, features books that bring you Gripping Suspense Outside the Law. I’m sure you’ll find them as unique and interesting as I do.

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Kate’s Gift Teaser Tuesday


Kate's Gift cover


The Jimmy Eagleson Stories, Book 3


Modern Drama

Date Published: 04-19-2021


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Helping people deal with their history and problems is Psychologist Kate O’Connell’s area of expertise. She is dying from cancer now and wants to help her closest friends deal with their history and with each other. Set in familiar and beatiful surroundings, The Camp is a fixture in her friend’s lives. Exploring each friend’s deep secrets, Kate will give them all peace of mind and peace with each other.

As things seem to settle, a friend from the past shows up with an astonishing surprise.

Kate’s Gift is the third of the Jimmy Eagleson stories. Each book stands beautifully on its own, but a description of the setting and characters is included for those who have not yet been introduced or wish to refresh memories.

Kate's Gift tablet

About The Author

Jeff Delbel

Award-winning author Jeff Delbel first studied writing at the University of Miami, Fla. and continued at the Syracuse University S. I. Newhouse School where he earned a PhD. He has written and produced scores of scripts and received national recognition from PBS. Jeff is now Professor Emeritus of Communications and Philosophy from a Central New York college and lives in the Finger Lakes region writing fiction.

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Coldwater Revenge Blitz

Coldwater Revenge cover



Date Published: 4/27/2021

Publisher: Level Best Books (S&S)

COLDWATER REVENGE is the story of two brothers involved with the same woman, and the ensuing crisis when one brother begins to suspect the other of helping her cover up a murder.


The tiny voice that sometimes appears when you’re about to do something stupid, hissed at Tom to be thankful, sit still and keep his mouth shut. Instead, he braced himself on the underwater rock, gathered breath and shouted.

Yo!” His throat was raw and his lungs shredded, but he continued to bellow. “Eat shit and die, asshole!” Tom struggled to his feet and staggered noisily through the shin-deep shallows. The spotlight from the patrol boat leapt toward the sound. As the boat drew nearer, he dropped and rolled to his back, as if he were afloat in deep water. The twin Sea Witch outboards roared and the thirty-foot cruiser leapt through a cone of halogen light. Tom lifted his one good arm and waved. The battered cruiser hydroplaned erratically through the water like a wounded shark. The bow-mounted spotlight bounced above and around its target, losing and then finding it again. Tom could see the man’s face in the halo of light—cadaverous and grim. He could see his eyes, mad and murderous. The little voice screamed at Tom to be quiet and lie still. He crouched in the shallow water, extended his arm and raised a finger.

About The Author

James A. Ross

James A. Ross has at various times been a Peace Corps Volunteer, a CBS News Producer in the Congo, a Congressional Staffer and a Wall Street Lawyer. His short fiction has appeared in numerous literary publications and his short story, Aux Secours, was recently nominated for a Pushcart prize.

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