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The Path of the Spirit Runner Blitz

The Path of the Spirit Runner banner

The Path of the Spirit Runner cover

Rootstock Saga, Book 2
Epic Fantasy
Date Published: February 29, 2020
Publisher: Each Voice Publishing
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Gifted or cursed? Isobel is a healer, and the Hawks who accepted her, broken and different as she was, need her help. But she must hide the truth behind her healing power. She is an empath.
John Deighton, The Prophet, is back in Innis and stoking the embers of bigotry and superstition, scouring the realm and imprisoning mindgifted Aurels. When he corners Isobel, will she fight back or succumb to her old fears and lingering scars of the Beast of Monaughty? Will she answer the call of a healer if it costs her everything she loves?
Far across the sea, Tobias Buchanan is racing against time to build New Rhynn as a haven for his clan. As the noose of oppression squeezes tighter in Innis, the Hawks may soon be forced to choose between their homeland and their way of life. Can he earn a place for his Hawks amongst the Este of Tallu? Can he prove Rhynns are worthy of their trust?
Meanwhile, the Este are discovering their own place in the Awakening and the Joining. Spirit runners grow more powerful by the year, and the Mists hover closer over Tallu. But will it be enough when the water rises? Will they be ready before the cycle ends?
Path of the Spirit Runner is the enthralling continuation of the Rootstock Saga. Evolution and oppression. Magical mindgifts and dragon science. The characters you loved in Legend of the Storm Hawks come of age and weave their own threads in the Patterns.
Other Books in the Rootstock Saga Series:
Legend of the Storm Hawks cover
Legend of the Storm Hawks
Rootstock Saga, Book 1
Publisher: Each Voice Publishing
Published: January 2020
Someday soon, your world will end. Ending is not as final as it sounds. Our world has ended before. When it does, be patient. Those of your time will linger and watch new cycles unfold. Some will walk this spinning blue rock again. A few will shape its destiny.
Get lost in the story. The richly detailed fantasy adventure you’ve been looking for is here. Stunning world-building. Sweeping cast of unforgettable characters. A riveting saga of the magic evolving in us all. Perfect for fans of George R. R. Martin, Brent Weeks, and Brandon Sanderson.
Legend of the Storm Hawks introduces the Rootstock Saga, four novels all due to release in 2020. Not a light read, this is serious fantasy for serious fantasy fans. Set on a future Earth, our own history echoes from the shadows. Adversity awakens gifts in this tale of evolution and survival. Science meets fantasy in a burgeoning of psychic and psionic power, and the mindgifted struggle with bigotry, abuse, theocracy, gender roles, climate change, and the temptations of power and privilege. Their intricately interwoven POV voices and plots converge in a long, rewarding end game.
A master player convinces the pawn the move is its own. Nigel has been at the game longer than most, but lately the pawns keep turning into rogue knights. It’s damned inconvenient of them, considering the world is about to end again.
The Watchers will soon declare this cycle over, as they have so many cycles before, shrugging off yet another rise and fall of humankind, and giving the dragons another turn at dominion.
Brynmohr is King of the Firstborn, and Twelvestones is the last bastion of a once-mighty nene dynasty. As the first people to walk the earth, the Firstborn consider it their birthright to rule over mankind. Half-breeds between their kinds are always sterile, but the daughters born of Brynmohr’s irrational affection for a woman are defying the Patterns.
Sethlyan and Isobel are unaware they’re expendable pawns in an increasingly complex game. Seth is the second son of the Second of Aleron. He’s tired of hearing rumors he and his friends are the prophesied Storm Hawks, destined to free Rhynn from centuries of oppression. He knows better. So does the Other, the voice only he can hear.
Isobel survived the Beast of Monaughty. Her father is dead, but his brutality haunts her. When her brother, the Rhi’Iverach, forges an alliance with the Hawks of Aleron, Isobel finds herself promised to a stranger named Sethlyan.
Her trust is hard to earn. His is hard to give.
A deadly attack leaves them with a telepathic bond neither wants, and awakens mindgifts they struggle to accept. When rebellion brings Nigel and his charges to the precipice of war, they must choose between hiding their secrets or wielding their power, fighting their oppressors or sacrificing freedom for peace.
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About the Author

L.H. Leonard writes epic fantasy because she prefers imaginary worlds to dysfunctional real ones. She’s been a technologist (computer geek and manager thereof) in the financial and media industries for most of her career, and sidelines as micro-publisher Each Voice Publishing. When getting paid doesn’t matter, she’s an animal rescuer, artist, almost-master gardener, and a surprisingly good cook.
She and her husband live happily ever after in Georgia, where their forever home is a short trek from the Chattahoochee River through woods filled with deer, coyotes, owls, the occasional bear, and of course, hawks.
Their progeny are creative individualists, the eldest of whom has given them a small tribe of grandchildren. They’re the real Children of Promise.
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Counting on Trust – Tour

Counting on Trust banner

Counting on Trust cover
Mystery  / Suspense
Publication date: Print and ebook, May 2017. Audiobook, November 2019
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In this suspense-charged, touching novel, Counting on Trust, information is stolen from a U.S. genetic engineering company (Omniprotein) by an employee promised payment by a Chinese general who wants to profit from selling the company’s technologies in the military region of China he commands.
To force quick payment the thief attacks fellow employees and threatens to continue until his money arrives. Will his next targets be: young lovers, computer geek Gabriel and gorgeous biologist Selena, who are discovering loving sex while trying to overcome post-traumatic effects of Selena’s girlhood rape.
Company president, Eleanor, who’s determined to keep some privacy and intimacy although her job’s high profile and her husband, Charley, has just had prostate cancer surgery.
Venture capitalist, John, who plans to duplicate Omniprotein’s facility in China and reunite with his ex-wife, fashion designer Ziyi, who returned to Shanghai after their only child died.
The personal stories of these couples explore how privacy, intimacy and trust are changing in our social-media age. They paint a compelling portrait of our time.


Joanne reached the bottom of the fire stairs and went down the dock, trailing her right hand along the brick wall of the plant to keep her bearings. Although she’d seen several of the demonstrations in which swimmers played games with the creatures in the lake and knew they wouldn’t harm her deliberately if she fell in, she wanted nothing to do with the “unnatural brutes,” as Mom called them. Near the entrance to the viewing pavilion more steps led down to the sand where Chase had said he’d be waiting to guide her to the place he’d made ready.

At the end of the building she angled toward the pavilion and suddenly there he was. She reached out to the darker shadow of his body and the yearning she felt when she wasn’t with him turned to happiness. But in the same moment part of her held back; although this was Chase, her sweet lover, his body was stiff, unwelcoming. Then everything was all right when he pulled her against his familiar bulk and his erection poked her belly.

He breathed in her ear, “You’re here oh God you’re finally here” as he guided her into the pavilion, evidently unwilling in his urgency to go down to the beach to make love as he’d said they would. Flattered, she let him take her with him to the floor, her body supple with desire, yet she remained somewhat anxious. But she was being held with gentleness as if she were precious to him and she realized he was trembling, almost shuddering with tension. Amazed she could have such an effect, she stroked his cheek.

He pulled back from her, still whispering, “I’ve been waiting so long, this has to go well, you mustn’t be frightened.”

“I’m not frightened,” she assured him, also whispering to share his intensity. Her other hand found his penis. She might have expected he’d already have put on a condom. He always planned ahead.

At her touch he inhaled sharply and jerked away. “No, we mustn’t hurry,” he said, his voice strangled. He reached past her and fumbled for something in the darkness. 

The smell of chocolate reached her and she giggled because she’d had the same idea but had left her thermos of hot chocolate on the railing at the top of the fire stairs. She was touched he’d brought her favorite beverage.

“I know how much you love this.” He slid a hand beneath her head to raise it and held a cup to her lips. “I tried to make it the way you like it but it seems very strong. Tell me it doesn’t taste bitter.”

Needing him, trembling now as he was but respectful of his self-control and kindness in not wanting to rush her, she took a deep swallow. The chocolate had cooled and tasted unpleasant. It wasn’t bitter but had a heavy, artificial citrus undertaste. He must have used the mix he’d been bringing to motels so she could have hot chocolate for breakfast. Because he’d bought it for her especially she hadn’t told him she didn’t care for it or that she hadn’t opened the container of it he’d given her to take to the break room in the security office. Tonight he’d made the chocolate much too strong.

Propped on an elbow she drained the cup to show appreciation for his thoughtfulness in bringing it and avoid giving him an excuse for further delay. “It’s delicious,” she said.

As she took the cup from his hand to put it beside her on the floor, she realized he had on plastic gloves; that was why his hand behind her head felt strange against her neck. Her mobile was gone. Could it have slipped out of its holster? Had he taken it? Alarmed now, she reached for her baton but she was lying on it. She tried to sit up, pushing a hand against his solid torso.

“Stop that,” he said in a hard voice she’d never heard from him. He forced her flat and lowered himself onto her. His erection poked her leg. He was heavy; she couldn’t move. She tried to scream although no one would hear her, to pull her hands free to jam her thumbs in his eyes the way she’d been taught in self-defense practice but she felt drowsy and her arms and legs lacked strength. José, help me, she thought. José was home in bed, sick.

Chase raised his body from hers but pinned her hands on the floor and rested a knee on her legs, as if waiting for something. She had to get free of him; she didn’t like this. Sometimes he did such dumb things. She was very angry.

The anger passed as she began to understand. He’d given her something to help her enjoy sex more; that was it. Whatever it was had lifted her into a daze in which she didn’t care that the floor was dirty and stank of mold or that the citrus undertaste of the chocolate lingered in her mouth and made her feel like vomiting. She couldn’t help it, she was drifting off. 

She awoke—immediately she thought—trying to get her breath. He still was holding her down. She tried to push him away but fell asleep.

She awoke again because she needed to cough but couldn’t. Breathing was so hard now, why was that? She felt lightheaded and had to sleep some more. . . .

Her lungs wouldn’t expand; this was the worst feeling she’d ever had. What was happening? Why did he keep holding her down when he should be doing something to help her breathe? Fighting to pull air into her lungs and stay awake, again she made another effort to free herself. He was heavy, strong, she couldn’t breathe, she had to sleep. As she lost consciousness her mouth formed the words, “Don’t do this, I love you,” but no sound came.

About the Author

Themes of novels by M. Ferguson Powers reflect the author’s varied interests, including preservation of the natural world and its creatures;

·         Challenges of building and maintaining loving relationships in a culture with decreasing respect for personal boundaries and privacy
·         Influences of globalization on world events and how the U. S. and other nations relate to one another
·         Public policy issues such as controlling the military-industrial-political complex and requiring the health care industry to be more respectful of its clients
·         The need for cooperation across governments, cultures, and societies to address global challenges such as climate change
·         Developments in business and university administration and management
Powers has taught microbiology, headed a university office of research, served as executive director of two university-business partnership programs, and co-authored two books on university administration. She has a bachelor of science degree in bacteriology from The Pennsylvania State University, a master’s in experimental psychology from George Mason University, and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.
She lives on an island near Seattle with her husband David R. Powers and their two shelties. Her first novel, Each Unique and Fascinating, about a bullied young girl whose father has gone to war, was published in 2012.  OrcaSpeak, a novel of relationships and suspense, was published in 2013, and its prequel, Counting on Trust, was published in 2017.
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The Rescuer Blitz

The Rescuer banner

The Rescuer cover

The Krador Kronicles
YA Science Fiction
Published Date: February  27, 2020
Publisher: INtense Publications LLC
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Prok Zandin has two chances to qualify for advanced cadet training and he just lost one.
Stuck at the bottom of the class system on the underwater planet Krador, fifteen-year-old Prok needs this training to become a Sea Warrior, a position with automatic social advancement into Krador’s upper class plus a hefty paycheck to fund his disabled sister’s medical procedure.
Prok is determined to win his final qualification fight until his best friend Makky disappears. With time running out for both his future and his friend, Prok embarks on a dangerous deep-sea rescue and discovers Makky’s life isn’t the only thing at stake. It’s up to Prok to prevent disaster, but action will cost and the price may be everything.
The Rescuer New release banner
 About the Author
KARI VEENSTRA grew up climbing trees in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea until the day she stuffed all her belongings in a suitcase and traveled to America for college. In the process of studying to become a crack defense attorney, Kari discovered writing was her true passion. This led to a journalism internship and a career in copywriting until Kari switched to writing fiction so she could spend more time with her family. Kari now lives in the deserts of El Paso, Texas, with her husband and two children, and is always on the lookout for a good tree to climb. To connect with Kari online, visit
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Try Not to Die: In Brightside Blitz

Try Not to Die: In Brightside banner

Try Not to Die: In Brightside cover

Release Date: February 18, 2020
Publisher: Vincere Press
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More than two dozen ways to die.
Just one correct path.
Do you have what it takes to survive?
Brightside is a beautiful mountain town blanketed by snow. Towering fences create a stark contrast to the serenity that appears on the surface. Your only crime is telepathy, yet your stay here is permanent. Your fate has been determined by society’s fears.
The outlook is bleak unless you manage to become part of the escape that’s about to go down.
Watch your back, choose wisely, and be careful who you trust.
Good luck getting out of Brightside in this interactive novel.
Try Not to Die: In Brightside  tablet, phone, paperback
About the Author

Mark Tullius is the author of Ain’t No Messiah, Twisted Reunion, 25 Perfect Days and more. He also writes nonfiction based on MMA and traumatic brain injuries.
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Feasible Living Tour

Feasible Living banner

Feasible Living cover
Date Published: November 28, 2019
Publisher: 1779671 Alberta Inc
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No matter which way we turn today, trends like pollution, climate change, and the 4th Industrial Revolution are impacting the ecosystems that you and I live in.
The thrust of the book is to bring awareness to major global trends that we are facing and to give suggestions on how to adapt and prepare for them.
Topics covered include mental health, physical health, employment and lifestyle, social impact, and emergency readiness.
There is an emphasis on mentoring our youth who are especially impacted by both the anxiety that these trends raise and their direct impacts.
Feasible Living tablet


Ecological anxiety is a serious issue and can lead to a variety of physical and mental health issues including depression and a general feeling of hopelessness. It can also drive us to a behavior that is not in our best interest: doing nothing. The problems that our planet is facing are real. They are impacting us right now and will only get more extreme as time goes on. By not acting now to safeguard yourself, you will only make the situation worse for you and your loved ones.

Now is the time to decide how far you are willing to go to set yourself up for success and to reduce the impact the trends will have on you and your family.

About the Author

Ken Kroes is the author of the Percipience Eco-Fiction Series and the non-fiction books, Feasible Planet and Feasible Living. He is passionate about our relationship with our planet and applies his diverse background which includes agriculture, mechanical engineering, and information systems into his writing. Born in Calgary, Canada he has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has had the pleasure of living in many locations in North America and has traveled extensively.

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