Today I survived the first day of physical therapy. It was not too bad. The exercises he had me do were easy and did not hurt my knee. I did fee some burn in my upper thigh and my calf. I will do some tonight for the opposite leg that way I can strengthen that knee also. That way I wont be lopsided and have one weak side and one strong side. They will be even, and I will not have to worry about hurting the right knee also.

I was able to obtain a Doctor’s note from my Rheumatologist, stating that I can not sit or stand for long periods of time due to my chronic back pain for when I go back to work and they try to put me at door greater or operator. If I have to work at these positions, I will be in constant pain after only 5 minutes. My Doctor wants me to go back to work, under restrictions, no heavy lifting (10lb. limit), and if I cannot handle it because of the pain we will cross that bridge when we get to it. That was his words exactly. That was why I went to the Doctor in the first place, because the pain had gotten too much to bear.

We will see what placement people at work say. They told me they will try to find a place for me following the Doctor’s orders, but if they did not have a position for me that they would keep me on the short-term, long-term disability until the Doctor released me. So we will see what happens in the days to come.



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