I don’t know about you, but I am a  HUGE CASTLE FAN.  I can not wait until Monday night, to see if Beckett accepts Castle’s proposal and if she takes the job to be a FBI agent. This is their 6th Season and they have been a little secretive about the opening episode. I know I will be on pins and needles waiting for it to show on Monday night.

If you live in Canada you are the lucky ones and you get to view it tonight.  wish I had the  Canadian channel that was showing it just so I could watch It early. I will e watching it tomorrow , hopefully it will be quiet. My family is not the quietest when you want them to be, but they know how obsessive I am over Castle. They are always teasing me about it. They tell me if I am not blogging, I am watching Castle even if I have watched the episode 12 times.

They don’t fool me, because  catch them asking me when it starts up again. So if you are a fan, I know I will be in good company in watching it. Until tomorrow , remember, “Don’t ruin my story with your logic.” as Castle always says.
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  1. I am a HUGE Castle fan as well. I seriously cannot wait until tomorrow night as well. I have been counting down the days and now hours until it premieres!

    • I surfed the web last night trying to find any ctv Canada feeds to see if anyone posted anything. No such luck. Usually I can get something before it air. I am going to try again as soon as I finish eating. My family tells me I have OCD obsessive castle disorder. I tell them they are right. I am usually on the ABC Castle sight at least twice a day.