whiskey tribute coverAre you ready for the WHISKEY TRIBUTE?

Curt Bannerman never thought he’d have to follow through with a promise to ensure his best friend’s wife and children were taken care of in the event of Eric’s death after the two men retired from the Navy SEALs. But an assassin made the promise a reality. Eighteen months later he’s still keeping an eye on the family, however, somewhere along the line his feelings for the pretty widow have changed.

Dana Prichard had been both a mother and a father for her children during her husband’s multiple deployments, but once Eric retired, she thought those days were over. Now she has to do it with no chance of him ever coming home again. While his SEAL teammates have been there for her since Eric’s death, one of them stands above the rest. The one man who is slowly invading her dreams.

They started as friends, but now, both want more. Can they move past the feelings that they are betraying a dead man by wanting each other? Or is Eric always going to stand between them?

The Trident Security Series:
Book 1 – Leather & Lace (Devon & Kristen)
Book 2 – His Angel (Ian & Angie)
Book 3 – Waiting For Him
Book 3.5 – Not Negotiable: A Novella (Parker & Shelby)
Book 4 – Topping the Alpha (Jake & Nick)
Book 5 – Watching From the Shadows (Marco & Harper)
Book 5.5 – Whiskey Tribute: A Novella (Curt & Dana)

The books of the Trident Security Series can be read as stand-alones, however, for optimum enjoyment they are best read in order.

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I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest review.

Whiskey Tribute: A Trident Security Series Novella – Book 5.5 is a fantastic addition to THE TRIDENT SECURITY SERIES. The characters and story line are well-developed. I love these characters and books. Curt has fallen in love with Dana, but he is afraid to lose her friendship. He promised his friend Eric that he would take care of Dana and the kids if anything happened to him. Curt and the rest of Trident security are always there helping Dana with anything she needs. Dana is starting to feel something for Curt and it is just not friendship. Is she ready to move on with Curt? Samantha A. Cole is a writer to watch out for. She is destined for great things. If you have not read any of the Trident Securities books, I urge you to do so. You will not be disappointed. I give Whiskey Tribute 5/5 stars.



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